Best Free Online Torrent Downloader With Cloud Storage

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Here are some best free online torrent downloader with cloud storage. Using any of these services you can easily download any torrent file to your PC. Actually, they don’t download torrent files directly, but they first transfer the torrent file to their server. And later, they attach that file to your account. After that you can download that file as ZIP or the method these services provide. Apart from just downloading torrent files, some of the following services also let you download files from other websites or cloud storage. The space that they provide on their cloud is small for free accounts. But some of the following services provide referral codes or some other tasks that if you accomplish them successfully, then you may get some more amount of storage on the cloud.

There many reasons to use online torrent downloaders as sometimes it’s quite difficult to manage torrent clients on PC or if you don’t want to install a separate software for downloading torrent files. Or, you just don’t want to leave your PC on while you are downloading a torrent, and instead would let it download to some online server, and only once it has fully downloaded, you go ahead and download that to your PC. Whatever the reason you have, to use online torrent downloaders, this article will come handy to help you find such services on the internet.

Free Online Torrent Downloader With Cloud Storage

I have found a few websites that are actually more like seedboxes. So they offer much more than just downloading torrent files. Let’s find it out in the below section.

What are Best free Online Torrent Downloader with Cloud Storage? is a free online torrent downloader with cloud storage. Apart from torrents and magnets, it can also download videos, audio files from other websites to your cloud storage. It offers 300 GB of cloud storage to store downloaded files. And when you sign up for a free account it also offers you 100 GB cloud upload limit by which you can transfer files from existing clouds hosting services to your account including 4shared, Uptobox, Rapidgator,, etc. And when you sign up for it using a Facebook account then you will get the offer to download files that have size up to 1 GB. In normal sign ups, you can only download files having size less than or equal to 350 MB. Additional storage and other larger file support can be earned by inviting your friends using the referral codes. In the free version the downloaded file from the torrent on its cloud will only remain there for 3 days.

Getting started with this online torrent downloader is very easy. You simply start by signing up using your email, Facebook, or Microsoft account. After that it will send a confirmation link. And when the account is activated, you will see its interface. It shows files according to category and a wide box is provided to paste the link of the torrent file. Also, you can paste the link of any file that is present on the above mentioned cloud hosting sites.

FileStream.ME in action

So, it was all about online torrent downloader with cloud storage. Though, there are certain limits for using some features, but still it is useful. You may give this a try by visiting the above link.


ByteBX is another online torrent downloader with cloud storage. It is quite similar to Zbigz (I will tell you about this later) but offers more features. It provides a free cloud storage of 2.5 GB on its cloud, and you can keep a file on its cloud for 5 days. To download a torrent, you can give the link of the torrent file, magnet link or you can upload a downloaded torrent file to its interface. However, it doesn’t claim to have anything related to the anonymity as I said in case of Zbigz. So, it may be a limiting thing about this service.

To get started with it, you will have to simply follow a registration process after which it will lead you to its interface. You will see various tabs and menus there. In the Storage section you can upload a torrent file to get the corresponding file. After you submit the torrent file or the link to its interface, it downloads that file to the cloud first. After that, you can download it from there as ZIP file.

ByteBX in action

So, that was the case with ByteBX to torrent downloader with cloud storage. It just lack one thing that is anonymity. If you are okay with this fact, then ByteBX is a good option to download torrent files smaller than 2.5 GB.


Seedr is one of the best online torrent downloader with cloud storage. Though, it only provides 2 GB cloud storage for free, but other features are unlimited. Basically, it is a seedbox and you can keep a file on its cloud as long as you want. Apart from downloading torrent files, you can also share the cloud files with anyone through a link. The connection it uses is fully encrypted and it checks all the files on its cloud for the virus to provide you a private and secure access to you Seedr account and files.

In Seedr, you simply start by signing in with your Email or social network account. After you log in to your account, you will see its interface. Its interface is pretty simple where it organizes the desired torrent files. You can use the direct link to the torrent file or you can also upload a torrent file to its interface.

Seedr in action

So, in this way you can use Seedr to download torrent files. However, it provides only 2 GB free storage on its cloud, but you can extend it by referring it to your friends. You can also do other small tasks to increase the storage limit such as mention review of Seedr in your blog, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Zbigz is probably the most popular site to download torrent files online. It offers downloading a torrent file daily having a maximum size up to 1GB. However, it do has a cloud storage option, but unfortunately, you cannot use in the free version. Another nice feature that it offers is that all the file downloading records and other details are completely anonymous. It uses an encrypted connection to transfer and download the torrent files. It hides your IP address and the torrent file downloading details are also hidden from the ISP.

It’s pretty easy to get started with. On its homepage you will have to provide the download link of the torrent file. You can also upload a .torrent file to its interface. It will then download that file to its cloud and after converting it will provide you the download link to that file. The download link that it provides is resumable and it works for next 24 hours.

ZBigz in action

So, in this way you can use Zbigz to download torrent files. It is quite useful torrent downloader in case, you are dealing with the files that are smaller than 1 GB. is another free online torrent downloader with cloud storage. It is currently offering 1 GB cloud storage and lets you download 1 torrent per day. The interface and the environment, it offers to download torrent files is very nice. Though it doesn’t claim to have anonymity in free account, but still is a good service for very light usage.

You simply start by registering on it by using the email account and after that it opens up its interface for you. You can choose a torrent file link, magnet link, and you can also upload a torrent file to its interface. After that, it will download that file to your cloud storage area. It shows various options to download the file such as ZIP file or download it directly. in action

So in this way you can use to download torrent files. The cloud storage is 1 GB, but still good for small files. If you think this online torrent downloader suits your need, then you may give this a try.


TorrentSafe is a private torrent downloader service. It is quite useful as it offers anonymity by hiding your IP address and other activities that you do with the torrent files. Though it is a paid service, but a free plan is available by which you can use it 5 times in a month for free. A nice thing about this torrent downloader is that it downloads the torrents much faster than any torrent clients. However, it doesn’t provide any cloud storage option and the download file should be smaller than or equal to 10 GB. And the torrent file will reside on its server up to 2 days only.

Getting started with it is fairly easy. Just visit its website using the link above and you will see its interface. As it doesn’t use any registration process, so it is pretty easy to download torrent files with it. To do this, find the text box on its home page that says Paste Torrent or Magnet URL here. Paste the link there or you can also upload/drag-drop the torrent file on its interface as well. After that it will process the file and when finished it will give you the download link for that file.

TorrentSafe in action

So it was the case with TorrenSafe online torrent downloader service. You can use it to download torrent files anonymously and of course the file size limit that it provides is pretty good.


These were the some pretty cool online torrent downloader with cloud storage. However, some of them are quite limited to some feature but still something is better than nothing. Some of them provide permanent cloud storage to store your downloaded torrents while some of them only keep downloaded torrents for a few days. All the features and functions I have already mentioned in the context of each one of them. So, you are free to choose anyone from the list based on your needs.

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