Create Synth Music Online with These 4 Free Synth Music Makers

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Here you will learn about 5 free synth music maker to create synth music online. They allow you to easily create stunning synth music with the help of various elements like Oscillators, Wave, Envelopes, Filters, LFO, and more. You can also adjust other aspects of the music like Reverb, Pan, Volume, Delay, Gain, and so on. But, what makes these websites cooler is that most of them (except one) are pattern based. That means similar to some of the core pattern based beat maker, you can simply draw patterns to create synth music.

Creating synth music online has never been easier. After creating the synth music, some of these websites let you export them whereas, some allow you to share them with the world. The best thing about creating synth music is that you don’t need any acoustic instruments for that and can solely be done with predefined synthesizers.

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Now, let us get started with the online synth music makers.


Soundation is one of the best free synth music makers that can be used to create synth music online. It comes with different synth instruments like Mono Synth, Simple Synth, VA Synth, FM Synth, etc. which you can use to easily make synth music. You can use the pattern based note clip editor to create the synth music. To add notes all you gotta do is draw patterns and then proceed to add elements. Each instrument allows you to add various elements to the music like Envelopes, Oscillators, Filters, LFO, Glide, Cutoff, Resonance, and much more.

You can also manually adjust the volume, pan, reverb, delay, etc. to make your music sound outstanding. Apart from the synth instruments, you will find many other instruments like Drum Machine, SuperSaw, Nolser, SAM-1, and more that you can use for your music. Once done with creating a synth music, you can export it as a WAV file.

Read more about Soundation from here.


BeepBox is another free online synth music maker which can help you create stunning synth music with ease. This one also follows pattern methodology for creating synth music. You will see 4 different sets of patterns, where 3 of them will play melodies and one will play drums. You can manually draw the patterns on the rows shown on the interface. The best thing is that each row has its own set of patterns which you can edit and use separately for the music. This synth music maker also allows you to add dozens of elements to the music. You will find those elements in two separate sections named, Song Settings and Instruments Settings.

In “Song Settings”, you can set the scale, key, tempo, reverb, and rhythm for the synth music. Whereas, in the “Instrument Settings”, you will find the option to adjust volume, add envelopes, filters, chorus, effect, and wave. When you’re done with the synth music, you can play it online and also export it to your PC either as WAV, MIDI, or JSON file. is also one of the best free online synth music makers that let you create astonishing synth music in no time. Similar to Soundation and BeepBox, this one is also a pattern based synth music maker. That means to create music, you would need to simply draw patterns. It allows you to manually add multiple slides of pattern and draw on them separately. It also comes with dozens of sample sounds (with already drawn patterns) which you can use if you want while creating your synth music.

At the bottom of the music editor, you will see a “Sound” option which will allow you to add and adjust various musical elements including tempo, synth wave, filter cutoff/resonance, drum level, pitch, wobble, echo, reverb, and much more. You can also change the notes of the synth music manually by clicking on the “Notes” option. You will also find some basic editing options like delete slide, duplicate slide, randomize patterns, etc. Once done, you can play the synth music, save it online, and share it with the world.


WebSynths is also a free website that can help you create synth music online without much effort. It actually offers dozens of predefined sounds from instruments like drum, keyboard, lead, bass, etc. that you can use to create synth music. This one manipulates those sounds into synth music by adding multiple elements including Oscillators, Audio Effects, Amplitude Envelope, Audio Filters, etc. Another useful feature of this website is that it allows you to connect an external MIDI device to play and add your own sound to the music.

It also lets you manually adjust the BPM, tuning, pan, LFO, reverb, delay, gain, and volume of the synth music. The best thing about this synth music maker is that it lets you separately edit the oscillators, filters, etc. Once you have created a synth music, you can save it as a sound preset and play it online anytime you want.

Closing Words:

If you want to create synth music online without buying expensive music editors, then these online synth music maker can help. They are completely free to use and you can create unlimited synth music. Well, if you’re a newbie to creating music online, then these websites are ideal for you as they come with an intuitive interface and doesn’t require any music-making experience. All you need is to draw patterns and add elements for creating stunning synth music.

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