3 Free Hip Hop Beat Maker Software for Windows

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Here are 3 free hip hop beat maker software for Windows. They let you easily create hip-hop beats with predefined sound loops, audio editing tools, sound mixer, etc. These software come with a built-in library where you will find dozens of sound loops containing various instruments like Drums, Piano, Flute, Bass, Guitar, Synth, and so on. You can either use these loops or upload your own to create hip hop beats. Using these software is very easy, as they use patterns for creating beats. That means you can simply click and draw patterns for different instruments and get your resulting beat.

Each of them offers useful audio editing tools using which you can change the volume, pan, tempo, FX, and more. They even let you export the hip-hop beats after creation to your PC. There are many other online hip-hop beat maker available, but when it comes to PC software there are very few hip-hop beat makers available. So, after spending a lot of time on the web, I have these 3 hip hop beat maker software which you can use to create beats for free.

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Let’s get started with these software and see what they have to offer.


LMMS is the best free hip hop beat maker software for Windows. It is actually a popular music production software that comes with an advanced studio where you can easily create music tracks, beats, etc. It comes with multiple editing windows like Song Editor, FX-Mixer, Beat+Bassline Editor, etc. which are well arranged on the interface such that you won’t find it difficult to edit and generate beats. It has a library full of sample sound loops which you can use for creating hip hop beats. The loops are categorized into basses, drums, instruments, drum synths, stringsnpads, and more.

You can simply drag and drop the sound loops on the “Beat+Baseline Editor” and start editing your beats. You can repeat the loops by drawing patterns just by clicking on the blank blocks. For each sound loop, you will be able to manually change the volume, pan, pitch, etc. It also supports various instrument plugins like FreeBoy, BitInvader, Mallets, etc. which you can use for editing your hip hop beats. Once you’re done creating a beat, you can export it either as a WAV or OGG file.

Read more about LMMS from here.


Hydrogen is another free hip hop beat maker software using which you can create and export hip hop beats for free. It is basically a pattern-based drum machine that offers almost all the required tools to create beats. That means you will find various predefined sounds and use them for your hip hop beats. The sounds are from different instruments such as Kick, Stick, Snare, Shaker, Conga, Cowbell, and much more. You can create beats with multiple patterns. For each pattern, it allows you to edit the instruments and their sound patterns separately.

Similar to LMMS, you can simply draw patterns to generate a stunning hip hop beat in no time. You can make your beats sound great by manually editing the BPM, Attack, Decay, Sustain, etc. This one also comes with a Mixer using which you will be able to control the beat volume, pan, master velocity, timing, swing, etc. Once you’re done with the beat, you can export it as a MIDI, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, and OGG.


OrDrumbox is also a free software which you can use to create hip hop beats with ease. Similar to Hydrogen, this one is also a typical drum machine which also comes with various tools you need in creating beats. It comes with a simple step synthesizer in which you can add instruments like Kick, Snare, Piano, Organ, Melo, Congas, Bass, and more with predefined sounds. After adding instruments, you will be able to draw patterns to create a hip hop beat. Each pattern block is playable which means when you click on a blank block, you will be able to listen to it.

Apart from that, you will also be able to manually adjust pitch, frequency, volume, pan, tempo, add arpeggiator, etc. on the step sequencer.  There are many other useful tools available like pattern sequencer, mixer, drumkit, softsynth, and more which you can use to edit and create stunning hip hop beats. After you’re all set with a beat, you can export it as a WAV or MIDI file to your PC.

Know more about OrDrumbox from here.

Closing Words:

So, these are some of the best hip hop beat maker software which you can use on your Windows PC to create amazing hip hop beats for free. Personally, I like LMMS as it is much easier to use in comparison to the other two software explained in this post. However, all of them are ideal for easily creating hip hop beats without much manual effort. The option to export the created beats is a very useful feature as you can use the beats anywhere you want in your music projects.

Try them out and let me know were you able to create hip hop beats in the comments.

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