4 Free Websites To Play Chess Online

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Here is a list of 4 free websites to Play Chess Online. Play this famous two player strategy game online using any of these websites.

Chess is always a two player board game; played on a chessboard. Chessboard has 64 squares in it arranged in a 8X8 grid. Each player has 16 pieces and each piece has its own kind of moves. The strategy is to attack or capture opposite player’s pieces or attack the king of the opposite player. Chess is widely played around the world in clubs, online or on your PC, tournaments, and in correspondence. So, use this opportunity provided by the websites that are hosting Chess games to play Chess online.


game knot

GameKnot is a free website dedicated for online chess players. You can play various kinds of chess games in this website.

Sign up in GameKnot website for free. Then you will be asked to choose a background of your page, then you can customize your own chessboard, chess pieces, colors, etc. Then a game will be created for online players to join. You can wait for players to join or click on new game option to start a new game, join a game, real time chess, or play Vs computer. You can also choose the compete option to play tournaments, mini tournaments, ladder game, and league. Click on the teams option to join teams and clubs to see discussions. Click on the more option to check out chess tactics, chess puzzles, chess openings, etc. Try this Chess website to play different kinds of Chess games online.

Click here to visit GameKnot.



SparkChess is a website in which you can play chess online. Play chess according to the difficulty level and play the game.

SparkChess allows you to play chess against computer. As soon as you visit the website just select the difficulty level from: cody, claire, boris, and guru. Cody is for beginners and the difficulty increases as you move to guru level. Also choose whether you want to play blacks or whites and start playing. You can undo your moves in beginner level but not in other higher levels. You can also replay the game after it’s finished or in between also. You can save and load the saved game at any point of time.

So, start playing Chess online in SparkChess.

Chess Hotel:

chess hotel

Chess Hotel is a website in which you can play chess online for free. You can play chess with computer for free and to play with other players, you need to register a free account.

As soon as you visit the website you will see the website homepage like shown in above screenshot. If you don’t want to register and start playing with a computer, just choose the Chess option under Guest Play option. If you want to play with online players and use all the features of the website then register on the website for free. In registered account you can play puzzles and maintain your own account and games played details.

Click here to play chess in Chess Hotel.



Lichess is a Chess organization where you can play chess online for free. Play Chess with different online players or against computer players.

Lichess is a free online chess website where you can choose to create a game, play with a friend, or play with the machine. Choose any of those options and then you will get to choose minutes per side, increment in time, and blacks or whites. Then you can start playing with online players if you choose to create a game or play with friend and play with machine. You can modify the background color, see games and tournaments to play.

Start playing chess on Lichess.

Choose any of these websites to play chess online. You can also read this review on Play Chess on your PC to download Chess game on your PC.

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