Free Windows 8 Racing Game With Missions: Death Drive Racing Thrill

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Death Drive Racing Thrill is a free Windows 8 car racing game with action. In this game you need to protect yourself from enemies, kill enemies, and race against them to complete your allotted mission on time.

The game is completely story driven. Few terrorists have implanted bombs in five different cities. Few secret agents have collected the deactivation code of the bomb. You need to get the deactivation code from them, and protect yourself as well as the code from the enemies.

This game has 5 different missions in 5 different cities. Each mission contains 5 different Tasks (sub-missions). You need to complete each task to unlock next one.

Death Drive- Home

This Windows 8 car racing game provides a lot of options to chose car. You can chose any car (or can buy from collected coins) and can color them in 6 different colors. You can also equip you car with different guns, missiles, etc. to kill enemies.

This racing game has amazing graphics and realistic sound effects. The download size of this game is 334 MB.

Gameplay of Death Drive Racing Thrill Windows 8 Racing Game:

You can get free Death Drive Racing Thrill game app free from Windows store by using the link given at the end of this review.

This racing game has lots of action and is completely story driven. In this game you are the hero of the game. Your country is in danger, as terrorists have implanted bombs in 5 different cities. Some spies have somehow managed to get the deactivation code. You need to get the deactivation code from them to save your country.

Death Drive- Story

The game is not that easy. Terrorists know that you are going to collect the codes and so they will try either to kill you or to take deactivation codes from you. You will be attacked with guns, missiles, from cars, and helicopters. Save the country by safely delivering the codes to the main agency.

Death Drive- Destroy Enemies

So start the race, kill the enemies before they kill you, and protect and deliver the code with your racing and shooting skills.

How To Play This Windows 8 Car Racing Game:

After launching the game app, you will be redirected to a page of missions. You will find 5 different missions on the screen. Each missions has 5 different tasks. Chose a mission and then click on the unlocked task in that mission.

Death Drive- Missions

After selecting the missions, you will be asked to chose a car. You can also buy a new car from the coins and bucks that you collect after completing missions.

Death Drive- Chose Car

After choosing car, you can equip the car with different guns and missiles. You can use these guns and missiles to kill your enemies who will try to stop you on your way.

Death Drive- Equipments

Click on continue to start the action and the race as well.

All the tasks have different concepts. In some tasks, you need to kill the enemies, while in some tasks you need to race against them to reach the agency first, before they get you.

Death Drive- Game

After successfully completing the mission/task, you will get the deactivation code.

Death Drive- Mission Completed

You will be given coins and bucks as per your performance.

You can also share your scores on Facebook and twitter with your friends.

Death Drive- Score

Keyboard controls of the game:

The different controls of the game are:

  • Use left arrow to steer your car left else use 4 from the keyboard.
  • Use right arrow or 6 arrow to steer your car in right.
  • Use space to shoot your enemies.
  • Use 8 key to use booster.
  • Strike down arrow key for break.

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Death Drive Racing Thrill is a completely free and interesting game for Windows 8. The most interesting thing I find in this game is different missions and tasks. The great graphics, story driven missions, the amazing cars, and the action manages to keep you busy for hours. I enjoyed this game a lot. You should definitely try this racing game for Windows 8.

Get Death Drive Racing Thrill here.

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