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Jack The Puppy Widget is a free software that puts puppies on your desktop. The puppies run around, play ball, wag tail, sit lazily, or just look at you. You can have as many puppies as you like and the puppies will do random stuff. The puppies will come over all the programs, so irrespective of the program you are working in, you can see the puppies.

Jack The Puppy Widget is quite a nice program if you would like to have some company while working on your PC. This software does not have any interface. Just double click on the downloaded exe file and a puppy will appear and start running around. You can open multiple instances of exe file and have multiple puppies on your desktop, each doing different stuff (each launch of exe adds one puppy).

Puppies on Desktop


This program to show animated puppies on desktop is quite lightweight. The download size is less than 5 MB and it uses very less memory while running. So, even if you launch multiple puppies, you should not feel any slowness in your PC.

Apart from the very cute puppies, what I really like in this software is that it is as simple as it gets. As I mentioned, it does not has a UI. Just launch the exe and see the puppy. To close any puppy, either close that instance of exe from status bar (each launch of exe will create a separate tab in status bar), or, click on the puppy and choose “Close Jack” from the menu that appears. Of course, if the puppy is running around, it might not be easy to click on it and closing it from status bar would be the easier option.

Close Jack

The simplicity of this program is its shortcoming as well. There is no way to control the puppies. You cannot interact with them. You cannot click on them to do stuff, and you cannot move them to other location. They will just stay at the bottom of the screen.

However, you will quickly get over these shortcomings once you see nice cute puppies running across your computer screen.

Get Jack the Puppy here. Download is available for both Windows, as well as Mac.

Try out this nice software to put puppies on your desktop and share your experience in comments below.

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