How To Put A Specific Part of a Window Always On Top

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This tutorial explains how to put a specific part of a window always on top.

There are many software on the internet that can put or pin a particular window on top of other opened windows. You can check some of them here. However, such software can’t help you when you have to put only a particular area of a window on the top of other windows. So if you ever felt the need for the same, then this tutorial is helpful for you surely.

This tutorial covers a free software, named OnTopReplica. The software first lets you select a window and then creates a replica or copy of the window to put it on the top. After that, you can easily select the area of that replica that you want to put on the top of other windows. You can also adjust the size of that area and also set the transparency level.

put a specific area of a window on top of other windows

How To Put A Specific Part of a Window Always On Top?

Here are the steps:

Step 1: First, grab the portable application of this software and launch it.

Step 2: You will see a white window, just like it is visible in the screenshot below. You need to right-click on that window.

right-click on that window

Step 3: After right-clicking, you can select any opened window to generate its replica and fit in that window.

Step 4: Now again right-click on that replica window and this time you need to click on Select region option. This will help you select a particular area of that window which you want to keep on top of other windows.

select region

You can also resize that area by dragging the mouse from the edges.

Step 4: This is an optional step but useful when you want to set transparency level and lock the position of the area placed on the top. Just right-click and use Opacity and Position lock options.

The Verdict:

Many times it happens when we have to keep a window always on top but want to see only a specific area. This software fulfills that requirement and also is very easy to use. Also, you can set transparency and lock the position which are really good features. I can definitely recommend this software for you.

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