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Traderstar is a free financial web browser which provides more advantages than any other software in this domain. It is a very powerful tool that can be used by a wide range of users from traders to students and journalists. Traderstar combines the dynamics of stock exchange prices with the pros of modern design. Hence the users get a comprehensive report of the stock indexes, investment funds, currencies, investment options etc, thus proving to be a highly efficient analysis tool for the users.


The flexibility of Tradestar allows it to extend its functionality depending on the stock situations and market demands. As a result, Traderstar has long-term usage offering financial stability to the user. Traderstar, though a free financial browser, provides capabilities that challenge even paid versions of other similar software. It achieves this by supporting stock exchanges of over forty countries in four continents.

The advantages of using Traderstar are that:

  • It provides complete information
  • The information provided is very selective
  • The information is accurate
  • The analysis of data is precise
  • Programming capability
  • It is easy to use
  • It provides technical expertise
  • It is flexible

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Here are some of the features of Traderstar:

  • The search for stocks, funds, indexes, futures and options, using search patterns.
  • Structure analysis of indexes.
  • Price data graphs (line and bar graphs, and Japanese candlestick charts)
  • Indicator patterns
  • Web Information
  • Time frame graphs
  • Time splitters
  • Stock prices running border
  • Over forty user indicators, some of them unique
  • Indicator debugger
  • Capitalization calculator
  • Arithmetic calculator
  • Historical data update
  • Market news billboard (Running Board)
  • Calendar of business events
  • Currency converters
  • Dividend schedule
  • Drawing tools
  • Interface settings
  • Multi-language interface

These features provide a comprehensive analysis and study of stock exchange situations enabling the user to achieve financial stability. Overall Traderstar has surged ahead of its competitors to emerge as the best free financial web browser.

Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/ Windows or Mac OS X is required to download Traderstar, the free financial web browser. Depending on the operating system used the web browser requirements vary. The user can easily download Tradestar from its official website and install it on their systems. At least 100 megabytes is required on the hard drive for the program to execute. The user is required to be connected to internet in order to get the latest data. But simation and programming functions can be operated offline.

Download Traderstar free.

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