My Font Tool: Convert Handwriting to Font on Tablet PC

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My Font Tool is a free software from Microsoft that converts your hand writing to true type font. You can then use that font in any program on your computer. This will enable you to type in your own handwriting!

My Font Tool works on tablet PCs. You can write on screen of tablet PC, and My Font Tool will capture your hand writing. Then, it will store the characters as a true type font, in the same way as all other fonts are present on your system. This font will start appearing in font list in all the programs.

If you do not have a tablet PC, you can use Free FontCapture that uses your webcam to convert your handwriting to font.

My Font Tool is completely free.

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Works With: Windows
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  1. Wonderful. But stupid.

    Anything you send to someone else that uses this custom font will not display on the other person’s computer.

    If you want them to see what you have written, you would have to send them the font and get them to install it. Which in today’s security conscious world, is simply not going to happen.

  2. Its very simple.. why dont you convert your document in to PDF or other static format so that receiver need not to install your font. And its not good to share your handwritting font to someone else..

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