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to Do List is a Firefox Addon which lets you make a to do list or save your notes right in your browser. Making a to do list is easy, but remembering action items from the list is the challenge. Say you made a to do list, and then started working as usual on your browser and forgot all about the list that you made. Until and unless your to do list gives you pop up notifications, you will not remember to check it again and again. This is where this Firefox addon comes in handy, it is present right in your browser. Every time you look up, you will see notifications on your browser window showing you how many items you have in your to do list.

Let’s get started by installing this addon to our Firefox browser. You know the procedure of installing the addon. Once its installed you will see its icon added at top right side of your browser. When you click the icon to open its window, the list is empty with a text box and add button showing.

to do list empty list

Just type in the to do item in the text box and click on the add button to add it to the list. Add as many items as you need. Once your to do list has more than 4 items in it a scroll bar would appear to browse tasks added to it.

to do list added items

When you add items to the list, the notification counter on the addon icon will change to reflect the number of items you have remaining in your list.

to do list counter

When you have completed a task, just check the check mark box shown in front of the task. This will strike out the task with a line, but it will still keep on showing in your to do do list completed task

If you want to remove a completed task permanently from the list then, click the Red delete button with a cross on it. This will remove the completed item from the list. In case you want to copy the text of a particular task, then click the Grey button next to the delete button. This will copy the text to clipboard and then it can be used in any other application.

to do list copy task

Now comes the settings part, to access the settings you have to go to the addons page of Firefox and from there select options button of this addon. The settings page only allows you to change few things.

to do list settings

You can change the background color of the to do list along with color of the tasks. Below screenshot shows the color changes that I made to the list.

to do list change color of list

You can choose to delete all stored data, give a rating to this addon, turn automatic updates on or off, visit the homepage of this addon, etc. The default button changes the color settings back to the default Grey and White color scheme.

I found this to do list addon very useful, as I can see my action items right from my browser. This helps me in remembering what all tasks I need to complete without moving away from my browser. Reminds me of remember the milk chrome extension, which was pretty similar to this one.

Try out to Do List Firefox addon from here.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 8 Average: 5]
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