Chrome Extension To Connect Multiple Gmail Accounts, Access Emails

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Google Mail Multi-Account Checker is a Chrome extension using which you can connect multiple Gmail accounts and can access all accounts unread emails at one place. You don’t need to open your Gmail accounts one by one. You can add multiple accounts using this extension and it will show you total number of unread emails in separate sections. You can reply to emails direct from the extension pop up window and can archive, delete, or mark emails as read.

Another benefit of using this extension is that you can add labels (starred, important, receipts etc.) of your accounts to access them. You can even add Chat label to access chat conversations of your Gmail accounts. However, the shortcoming of this extension is that it will show you only unread messages of Gmail inbox or other labels added by you. This beneficial Chrome extension is available free of cost on Chrome webstore.

Below screenshot shows you the pop up window of this extension where you can see multiple Gmail accounts and unread messages.

Google Mail Multi-Account Checker 01 connect multiple Gmail accounts

How To Connect Multiple Gmail Accounts Using This Extension?

You first need to add this extension to Google Chrome browser. Link for adding this extension on Google Chrome is present at the end part. After accessing the link, you need to click on ‘ADD TO CHROME’ button. Then you can add this extension to your Chrome browser. Now just after adding this extension, a new page will open up where you can add multiple accounts by signing in.

You can also add accounts by accessing Options of this extension. For accessing Options, you need to right-click on extension icon of Google Mail Multi-Account Checker. It will be available at top right corner of your Google Chrome. See the below screenshot.

Google Mail Multi-Account Checker 02 connect multiple Gmail accounts

Add Accounts & Labels To Access Unread Messages:

On Options page, you can add your Gmail accounts by clicking on ‘Sign in to add contacts tab’. Add multiple accounts and labels to those accounts. You will find a type box where you can type and add labels (Starred, Important, Personal, Work etc.) of your account(s). And removing a label is also an easy task. Just click on the minus icon present in front of each label to remove it.

Google Mail Multi-Account Checker 03 connect multiple Gmail accounts

This way you can add your Gmail accounts and labels. On its pop up window, you can click on any unread email to read and reply. If you want, you can also open that email’s Gmail account in a new tab with the help of available button.

Google Mail Multi-Account Checker 04 connect multiple Gmail accounts

Some Key Features Present in Google Mail Multi-Account Checker:

  • Connect multiple Gmail accounts and access all unread messages.
  • Add labels to view unread messages in extension pop up window.
  • Compose emails using extension pop up window. Reply to mails, or archive/delete them directly from extension.
  • Lets you access multiple Gmail accounts unread emails at one place. You can even open all your accounts on Google Chrome and use them simultaneously.
  • Free of cost available for you.


Google Mail Multi-Account Checker is a nice extension which allows you to connect multiple Gmail accounts. Although you can access and reply to unread emails. But this would be even good if this extension will come with few more improvements and will show all mails (read/unread) on its pop up window only. But overall it is a good to use extension as you could access more than 5 Gmail accounts of yours from a single place. Click below link to add it to Google Chrome.

Add Google Mail Multi-Account Checker to Google Chrome for free.

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