Granola: Reduce Power Consumption of Desktop and Laptop

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Granola is a free software to reduce energy consumption of desktop, laptop, and servers. This energy saving software constantly monitors your PC usage, and adjusts various factors to reduce the energy being used by PC. Benchmark tests on Granola’s website shows a typical energy saving worth $25-$40 per PC per year! This is a pretty considerable saving considering the fact that all you have to do is install this free energy saving software.

Granola came into being on Earth Day 2010 and since that day, membership has continued to grow. The program is a free power saving application for use on X86 servers, laptops and PCs running Linux or Windows. This free power reducing program operates automatically optimizing computers to save energy. The optimization does not, in any way, slow or shut down the computer. Also check out BatteryCare, and Aerofoil.

The Granola power management matches the speed that of the computer’s CPU and well as its energy consumption and lowers the power usage between 10 – 35%. This PC power reducing software is able to be performed even when the computer is working at full capacity. All Energy levels are tracked as well as carbon emissions. It is clear that this free application will save power on a laptop or any other PC and thus save the user large amounts of money.


Here are some of the features of this free PC energy saving software:

  • The program will reduce energy levels and keep a record of said reductions.
  • While the program is running, it will not inhibit the performance of the computer – quite the reverse actually.
  • There is no additional hardware required.
  • Granola will extend battery life in laptops.
  • Granola will give the user a huge reduction in operational costs through energy-saving. This includes cooling expenses.
  • A great reduction in carbon footprint.
  • Supports all X86 platforms on physical or virtual servers.
  • Installs in under five minutes and is virtually maintenance free.

Granola uses technology called “dynamic voltage and frequency scaling” to extend battery life in laptops, reduce PC power in desktops and servers, and reduce laptop power usage. The aforementioned technology allows the CPU to be monitored without rebooting the system.

Granola is basically a dimmer switch for your computer’s CPU. When you are not busy, the program slows down the CPU, saving valuable power. Using difficult and confusing algorithms this free power saver monitors your system automatically leaving you free to work and not worry about your machine.

Extending battery life, saving PC power reducing laptop power usage and generally making sure your computer functions efficiently is what Granola does. The program responds quickly when under pressure to “save.” Clearly this is a free application all Windows or Linux users could benefit from – Granola. Download this free power saving software here.

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