Free Online Racing Game on Chrome: American Racing

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American Racing is a free Online Racing Game available in Google Chrome Store.  In this racing game, you can choose from a number of cars and a number of races and challenges. As you start the game, you would be shown the race calendar where the routine would be displayed, showing you the races and challenges available for you.

This is a lightweight game with easy controls. While racing, a goal would be displayed, which you have to complete in order to progress through the game.

In addition, you also win money during the race and you can use that to get modifications done to your car.

American Racing
Lets get you a better idea of this Online Racing game.

Race and enjoy this free Online Racing game in Chrome


When you launch this game, the game will open up in a new tab at

American Racing- Launching

As you use the ‘Play Game’ option, the Race Calendar will be shown to you. From here, select from the enabled races to start racing.

American Racing- Choose the race

Start this race by holding the ‘Accelerating’ Button. Along with this, other controls of this Online racing game would also be displayed to you.

American Racing- What to follow

Along with this, the goal or the place you need to achieve in this game in order to enable the next level would also be shown.

Based on your performance in the race, you get scores as well as money. At the end of each race, your achieved place along with the score and money you have earned would be displayed. Hit Bonus is also earned as a result of getting hit by others cars during this race. Also, if you win a number of races, new cars would be unlocked for you to use. Winning more races will also result in your race being Sponsored by someone. Being sponsored means that if you enter into new race after being sponsored, then for those races, the Prize money will also be more. Using more money, you can have better equipment for your cars.

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Use the Garage

During game play of this Online Racing game, after any game you can hit the continue button and can get to the garage to get modifications done on your car or can buy new equipment for enhancing its performance.

Some of the modifications that you can get done are improve engine, aerodynamics, tires, offroad capabilities, strength, boost. For each of the modification, there is a price. You can use the money that you have won in the game to buy these modifications.

American Racing- Garage

This Online Racing Game is quite engaging, and what makes it even more interesting is that more than 100 challenges and races are available here which makes the player more curious about what he can achieve in this Online Racing Game.

Key Features of American Racing

  • Free to play: This game is free to download and play.
  • Choose from a number of races and challenges: There are more than 100 Challenges and races available here.
  • Achieve more score and earn more by winning more.
  • Use the Garage to improve your Race performance.
  • As you complete more challenges here, you can unlock more cars for racing.

My Verdict on American Racing

I believe this free Online Racing Game for Chrome is quite nice. The gameplay is good and the controls are simple. You get the independence to choose from a number of races and challenges which is good and will make you even more curious to play this Online Racing Game. I myself tried it and found it quite engaging. Though the Game lacks in graphics quality. But, the easy gameplay and availability of number of challenges to choose from compensates this. Overall, it is a must, if you love Racing Games.

Get American Racing here

Editor Ratings:
User Ratings:
[Total: 1 Average: 5]
Works With: Google Chrome
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