Change Position, Resize Any Opened Window Using Hotkey and Mouse

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AltDrag is a free software to change position of any opened window and resize any window using hotkey and mouse. Normally, we need to press and hold mouse cursor on the title bar of a window to move it and use edges of a window to resize it. This software helps to skip this hassle. You can place mouse cursor anywhere on an opened window and use the hotkey and left and right mouse buttons to resize and adjust position of that particular window.

By default, you can use Alt key and left and right mouse buttons to move and resize a window. You can also change hotkey to Windows key or Ctrl key to resize and move a window using mouse buttons. In the recording below, you can see that my mouse cursor is not on the title bar or edge of the window, still I am able to move and resize it. All of it is made possible using this software.

resize and move any window using hotkey and mouse

Apart from resizing and moving a window using hotkey and mouse, you can also use this software to close, minimize, put window on top of other windows, etc.

How To Move and Resize Any Opened Window Using Hotkey and Mouse?

Get the portable application of this software and launch it. The software starts working immediately and sits in the system tray silently.

Now, to move an opened program/application/window, press n hold Alt key + press n hold left mouse button anywhere on that window. Now you can drag that window to place it anywhere on the desktop screen.

use alt key and left right mouse button to resize and move window

To resize an opened window, again press n hold Alt key + press n hold right mouse button + move it up/left/right/bottom. You will notice that window is resizing.

If you want to change hotkey combination, then you can right-click on the system tray icon of this software, and select “Configure” option.

select configure option

Configuration window contains “Mouse and Keyboard” tab. There you will see Mouse actions for left, middle, and right mouse buttons. You can select move, resize, close, minimize, or some other action for any of these mouse buttons.

set mouse actions and hotkeys

The same tab provides Windows logo key, Ctrl key, and Alt key to use as hotkey combination. Use any combination you want and close the Configuration window.

You can also add an opened application to blacklist using “Blacklist” tab. The blacklisted window will remain unaffected from this software and resize and move actions of this software won’t work for that window.

If you are looking for some way to automatically restore opened programs after PC reboot, then check this list.

The Conclusion:

If you don’t prefer default Windows actions (using title bar to move a window and edges to resize a window), then this software is definitely helpful for you. All you need is choose a preferred combination and then use any part of an opened window to move and resize it.

Get this software.

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