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For people who love music but are picky about the type of music they want to listen to; Jango is a free online music station that allows you to create your own station with favorite artists. This useful and easy-to-use application will, after you have set your playlist, continue to search for music by the same singer or band.

Jango is similar to other programs such as last.fm and Pandora, however, unlike those other stations, Jango allows you to have more than one “station”. Once you go to this free personal music station application, you need to create one or more stations; simple instructions will help you with this creation. Renaming your station can be done whenever you wish. You are also free to add to your playlist whenever, however you may have to wait for sometime for the changes or additions to take place. If waiting is not what you welcome; you have the option to create another station based around the new artists you added to your existing playlist.


Included in this free internet radio is the Jango music player. The player’s interface has three emoticons. One is a “sad face” and if clicked on, tells the player you don’t like a song – this ensures you will never hear the song again. The second face is a “smiley face”; clicking on this face means you like the song and will therefore hear it from time to time. The third face is a “large smiley” face; clicking on this face means you absolutely love the song and will hear it regularly. There is also a skip button, a lyrics and a buy button. If you click on the “Artist Bio”, Jango will display information, via Wikipedia, about the artists in your playlist.

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This amazingly easy-to-use free internet radio, also allows merging musicians a chance to have their music aired on Jango; “Jango Airplay” is the air play service. Bands and other artists simply pay a small fee to have their music placed into playlists of the same genre. This service gives would-be artists their 15 minutes of fame. Jango’s music network is one of the world’s largest commercial network for music; reaching 30 million monthly visitors in the US alone.  Since its beginnings back in November 2007, New York City based Jango has continue to expand its presence on the Internet.

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If you’re a music lover that enjoys listening to the same genre, Jango is definitely a free music station creator that you’ll enjoy. No more will you have to listen music that bores you or that you find so annoying, that you have to resist the urge to throw your radio out the window; Jango is just what you need.

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