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Encryptur is a free online encryption application that allows you to perform online encryption of files and online decryption for the same. The online application such as Encryptur comes handy in scenarios where you want to securely store or transfer a file. Only the person knowing exact password will be able to perform online decryption for file. The 256 bit encryption greatly reduces the possibility to hack or crack the file.

Getting started at Encryptur is very simple and there is no requirement to register or login. Anyone visiting website is treated as an anonymous user.  On your visit to site you’ll find the following interface in-front of you.


How To Encrypt files Online At Encryptur:

Performing online encryption of files at Encryptur is very simple. All you require is to follow the instructions below:

  • Type your password in the textbox at top of page. Type carefully as no password-retrieval functionality exists.
  • Next, click on encrypt button in green. Soon you will be prompted to select a file from your PC.
  • After file selection, uploading will begin automatically.
  • Now, wait for uploading to complete and in few seconds you will receive a prompt to download a file with SIMP extension.
  • Download, the encrypted file and use it the way you want.

Performing Online Decryption With Encryptur:

The files already encrypted at Encryptur can only be decrypted at Encryptur online application. The detailed procedure for decrypting a SIMP has been stated below.

  • Enter the password that you utilized earlier to encrypt particular file.
  • Click on Decrypt button in red.
  • Next, you will be prompted to upload the file (.SIMP file only).
  • Then after file uploading and file decryption over server, you will receive a prompt for downloading the encrypted file.

Important Issues:

  • Only one file can be encrypted or decrypted at a time. The application does not provide any support for handling multiple files.
  • Too much uploading and downloading is involved in the procedure. This way, Encryptur become a highly time consuming online application.
  • Encryptur supports advance encryption of file less than 30MB in size. No support for larger files.
  • If you forget your passwords for the file to be decrypted, then nothing can be done. For security reasons Encryptur does not provides you with any option for password retrieval. Make sure you remember the passwords for every individual file.

* The browsers like Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox suit best for online encryption and online decryption with Encryptur.

The Final Verdict:

Encryptur provides you an easy option for online file encryption and decryption. The best part is that Encryptur does not stores your files at its server. All files are deleted immediately after online encryption.  The overall impression of the applications was good. Still, I recommend it only for personal noncommercial use.

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