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Convert Town has a free online tool to convert a column of values to comma separated list online. You just need to paste a column of values, and it immediately converts them into a continuous string, separated by comma. It is a completely in-browser tool, so nothing is uploaded to the server. The conversion of values from column to comma separated is completely instant.

Column to CSV

How to Convert Column to CSV Online:

This website is the simplest option I have come across to quickly convert a column of values to comma separated list online. All you need to do is paste the column of values in the left box on this website, and the right box will instantly show the comma separated list for those values. There are no settings or configurations that you can change. Also, there is no limit that is specified for the number of values that you can convert to csv. Also, this works with all types of values, including numbers, alphabets, and strings. Just paste any data that you have that you want to convert to comma separated list, and it will take care of the rest. The data could have been copied from Excel, Open Office, Notepad, or just anything else.

One thing I really like about this tool is that it is completely in-browser, which means it does not have to send anything to its server (I tested this by turning off my internet, and it worked perfectly fine).

My Opinion of this Tool to Convert Column to CSV Online:

I found this tool because I was looking for something like this. I have to convert column to csv a lot of times, and this tool lets me do that in the easiest possible way. I wish it had some additional options, like, remove leading & trailing spaces, option to add space before comma, option to use some other character instead of comma, and option to upload a file with value. Nevertheless, all these items can be done easily using other tools out there, and this website does perfectly what it is supposed to do. I use this website almost daily, and love it!

Check out this website here.

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