How to Shorten Multiple URLs together

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This tutorial explains how to shorten multiple URLs together. You can do this on any web browser with a very simple software, known as “Bulk URL Shortener“. The name also fits this software and gives a nice hint what the software does. Shortening multiple URLs together is just a matter of single click with this software. Once you have added the webpage URLs, use the button provided and it will give the list of all short URLs in no time.

For each original URL, a short link is provided just next to that URL. The only thing that I missed is it doesn’t let you save the list of short URLs as TXT/Excel/PDF file. Still, that won’t be a big problem as you can manually copy original and short URLs by selecting them and paste them into an Excel sheet or anywhere else.

short urls generated for multiple urls

In the screenshot above, you can see the list of original URLs and short URLs generated by this service.

Bulk URL Shortener software uses Google API to shorten multiple URLs together. While Google URL Shortener helps to generate a short link to one original URL at a time, this software extends that functionality and helps to bulk short URLs in no time.

How to Shorten Multiple URLs together Using This Free Bulk URL Shortener?

Step 1: Open Bulk URL Shortener homepage using the link given at the end of this tutorial and download its zip file.

Step 2: You need to extract that downloaded zip and then you will see “bulkUrlShortner.html” file. Open that HTML file in Chrome or another browser.

open bulkurlshortner.html file

Step 3: Click on “Bulk URL Shortner” link and a pop-up will visible.

click bulk url shortner link

Step 4: Using that pop-up, you can enter links of webpages (one URL per line). Add as many URLs you want. After that, press “Generate Shortened URL” button.

add original urls and use generate shortened url button

It will immediately process all the original URLs and give you short links to those URLs. Now the output is in front of you, select original and short URLs and copy them to clipboard. Later, you can create a text, Excel file, or some other format file.

Did you know you can also create one short URL for multiple URLs?

The Conclusion:

There are tons of URL shortener services already available but the feature to shorten multiple URLs together is very rare. And this software helps you do that without any trouble. Just a few simple steps and you can bulk short URLs with only a single mouse click.

Try this service.

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