Firefox Add On To Simulate Color Blindness

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RGBlind is a free Firefox add on to simulate real time color blindness. RGBlind add on simulates the currently viewing web page in such a way so that you can see how a color blind person experience a webpage. Also, this add on can greatly help web developers to analyze how their web pages will be displayed to the color blind people.

Color Blind people often face the difficulty to analyze the colorful web pages as their vision cannot see those properly. If you want to simulate how a webpage would look to them, then this addon is very handy. It offers converting a web page to Normal, Protanopia, and Deuteranopia color adjustments and you can choose any one from these.

simulate real time color blindness

We did a similar addon for Chrome earlier. And if you want to test your vision, then you can use color blindness testing apps for Android, iPhone, or test color blindness online for free.

How to Simulate Color Blindness In Firefox?

Protanopia and Deuteranopia are the two blindness anomalies whose simulation RGBlind offers. So depending on which type of color blindness you want to simulate, you can switch to the webpage in that format.

Step 1: Download and add RGBlind Firefox add on from this link. After that you will be able to see its icon and interface from the top right corner of the Firefox window.


Step 2: Now, visit any page that has some colorful contents on it.

Step 3: Invoke RGBlind add on and choose any option from its pane. As you select an option from the list, the color of the web page will change accordingly. You can see the below screenshot.

RGBlind in full action 1

So, in this way you can use RGBlind Firefox add on to see how a webpage would look to a color blind person.

The Verdict:

If you are a web designer or web developer, then it is important to test how your website would look to a color blind person, as important details might not be visible properly to them. This addon makes it very easy to test your webpages in Firefox for color blindness and see how exactly they will appear to color blind persons. And you can choose between Protanopia and Deuteranopia.

Go for it.

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