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MenuTab For Facebook is a free Facebook for Mac application that lets you quickly access your Facebook from the desktop without opening up the browser. MenuTab for Facebook puts an icon in the menubar of your Mac OS X. Clicking on it will reveal a widget like interface which is nearly identical to the FaceBook for iPhone, iPad app.

The application has Facebook for mobile like interface, so that it can display your Facebook news feeds etc. without eating up much of your screen’s real estate. This Facebook for Mac app offers alerts and notification, so that you do not miss even a single event. When you open up the application it will display your timeline.

facebook for mac

 When we click on the options like the mobile version, the page slides to the right and shows up more options on the left hand side of the application as seen in the screenshot above.

You thought Facebook was wasting your time and is a big distraction, then be ready to waste more time after you have downloaded MenuTab for Facebook. It will make accessing Facebook so easy that you will be interacting more with this Facebook for Mac app.

MenuTab for Facebook might be also helpful for the social Bee, by saving you from opening up the browser window, navigating to Facebook etc. and you can access Facebook directly from the desktop. Hence saving your time and making your frequent Facebook sessions a little shorter (and probably more frequent).

The application is totally free and the difference between the free and the pro version is that the free version displays stupid ads in the bottom part of the application and has some fancy features as seen below, which I don’t think has much of a significance.

menutab for facebook

If you are looking for a software for just chat, you can try out  Adium for Mac that supports Facebook chat as well.

How to install Facebook for Mac OS X:

This application has over 2 million downloads, guess its popular :-P. Anyway to download the application click here, this will redirect you to the Mac App Store webpage from there you will be redirected to the App Store and you can download Facebook for Mac. Give this application a try and see if it suits your needs and expectations. Its totally free, so it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. And if you like Twitter more, do check out Twitter for Mac.

Feature of MenuTab for Facebook:

  • MenuTab for Facebook stays in your menubar, and clicking on the application will reveal the application as shown in the first screenshot of this article.
  • The MenuTab’s icon in the menu bar will change color to red and you will get a sound notification when you get a new notification in Facebook as seen in the screenshot below.

menutab for facebook notification

  • In this Facebook for Mac the news feed refresh interval can be set to your accordance, by default it is set to 1 minute which is the fastest it can refresh.
  • The interface is simple, and is similar to a Facebook for mobile. In the application there are five buttons as shown in the screenshot below; what these buttons do is pretty much self-explanatory.

facebook for mac settings

  • When you click on the setting button. You will be able to configure refresh interval, startup at login, change the hotkey, spell check, notification sound etc., as shown in the screenshot below. The application comes with a many notification sounds and you can select them to your accordance.

menutab for facebook settings

Verdict for MenuTab for Facebook:

This handy little application for you Mac lets you quickly access your Facebook account. There are keyboard shortcuts that makes accessing the application even simpler. The ability to display notification is one of its good features. The simply that the application is really amazing and it is one of the most popular application in the App Store, it has over 2 million downloads.

Anyway if you want to waste more time and procrastinate then download this free Facebook application for Mac. The application is minimalistic and simple to use. Anyway if you have used Facebook app on iPhone or Android, you will be familiar with the interface, and can start using the application without any problems.

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Works With: Mac OS X
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