6 Free Email Client for Mac

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Here, are 6 free Email clients for Mac OS X. If you are not satisfied by the in built client or want to experience your email in a new way on Mac, then download and try out theses free email clients for Mac.

There are many free email clients available for Mac, but these are the ones I liked the most. If you have any other suggestions then please do let me know in the comments at end of this post.

Sparrow lite:

Sparrow lite email client for mac

Sparrow lite is a  free email client for Mac with a fresh interface. This makes the application totally different than the others clients. In simple terms, Sparrow has elegance and simplicity. The app is free and called Sparrow lite which is an ads supported version and shows a little signature that says “Sent with Sparrow”. But as it has been acquired by Google so hopefully it will become free after a while. I would recommend that you give this free email client for Mac a try and enjoy your email in a new way.  I really loved the way the application handles email attachments using Dropbox. To download this free email client for Mac click here.

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Zimbra Desktop:

Zimbra Desktop email client for mac

Zimbra Desktop is feature rich email client for Mac that has the ability to keep things synchronized and locally accessible when you are offline. When you come online, the application will synchronize with the Zimbra server and update information and reflect changes that you have made when you were offline. This makes the application very consistent and business friendly. The interface of the application is old school, but it comes with a ton of features that include the ability to show and aggregate calendar, contacts, social services like Facebook, Twitter etc., files etc. This makes ever so easy to keep communication and information flowing seamlessly. I would recommend this app to you for professional or business use.

Apart from all the features stated above, one of the main reasons that compels me to use this free email client is the ability to integrate Yahoo! Mail. This is one of the few clients that supports Yahoo Mail’s free version (as Yahoo Mail free does not provides POP3 / IMAP access). To download this free email client for Mac click here.

Mozilla Thunderbird:

Mozilla Thunderbird email client for mac

Thunderbird is a open source and free email client developed by the Mozilla Foundation. Its a totally free email client for Mac that is customizable and really simple to set up. This free feature rich email client enables you to manage your email in a much more efficient manner. This also allows you to chat from within the application. It supports Google Talk, Facebook Chat, IRC, Twitter etc. I really loved this feature. The interface of the application is easy and straightforward. This a simple and light weight email client for Mac and comes from the creators of Firefox browser. To download this free email client for Mac click here.


Eudora email client for mac

Eudora is an email client for Mac that is based off Mozilla Thunderbird (mentioned earlier). It is also open source and is supported by QualComm. This email client has been supported by QualComm for quite a bit of time. Earlier version of this app was totally different and now developers have integrated Thunderbird into the app and have made an email client that has the best features of both the clients and is sort of an efficient mutant. So this results in the application that maintains the Eudora user experience which is powered by the ever popular Thunderbird email client. I liked the way the interface has been provided and love the fact that some parts of the interface felt like the Thunderbird. This makes it really easy for you to understand the application if you are using it for the first time; not that it is difficult. To download this free email client for Mac click here.

Postbox Express:

Postbox Express email client for mac

Postbox Express is another free email client for Mac. The creators of Postbox have made a free version of the popular paid email client for Mac called Postbox. This version of the app is limited on the features as compared to the paid version. But even then this is good client overall. One thing that I liked about the app is that it allows you to import all your details from Apple Mail or Thunderbird. The application has a minimalitic and clean interface that I really enjoyed. This free application allows you to Post directly from within the application to Facebook, Twitter, and Friendfeed. In total this is a simple and easy to use email client for Mac. I think you should give it a try. To download this free email client for Mac click here.

MailTab For Gmail:

gmailtab for mac

I know that this app is not an email client in traditional sense. This free app allows you to access your Gmail directly from the status bar. In this manner you can access your Gmail account without opening the web browser. To check your email just click on the MailTab above and you get instant access to your email in beautiful little windows. When you get a new notification the icon will automatically change from the normal black color to red indicating that you have received an email; also you will able you hear a beep notification sound. I really liked this simple utility and the ease and convenience it offers. To download this application click here.

All these are some of the great looking and full functional free email clients for Mac that we came across. Of course, in built email client for Mac should work well for most of you. But if you are craving for something extra or just something different, then try these out. To download these quickly, check out Download manager for Mac.

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