Download GNU Parted: Free Paritioning Software for Linux

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GNU Parted is a free open source partitioning tool. It works with Linux, Hurd, BeOS, and FreeBSD.

This free partitioning software reating, destroying, resizing, checking and copying partitions, and the file systems on them.


GNU Parted is very useful for creating space for new OS, reorganizing your partitions, and disk imaging.

Here are some of the features of this free partitioning tool (as mentioned in its website):

  • Support for CHS and LBA addressing modes
  • Support for logical sector sizes not equal to 512
  • Support for device’s alignment requirements (e.g. physical sector sizes that are a multiple of the logical sector size)
  • Uses SI units (byte multiples of 1000), supporting arbitrary specification of disk locations in sectors, bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, cylinders and CHS notation
  • Knows about, detects and works around quirks of other partitioning tools and operating system implementations.

Download link, and Video Tutorial at the end.

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