5 Best Breathing Apps for iPhone Free

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The article compiles a list of best breathing apps for iPhone available for free. These apps can be used for mindfulness so that you can stay calm and improve your health.

You might be thinking what do these breathing apps do as everyone knows how to breathe. But in reality, not everyone knows how to breathe properly. Practicing breathing in the right way can serve you a number of health benefits. When you breathe properly, you reduce your stress and improve focus and improve your mental health.

Breathing apps guide you with a series of breaths or deep breaths. Following the pattern, it becomes easier for you to breathe properly. A few of the apps available on the App Store are paid. Here, I’m adding only those that are free or apps with a few free breathing sessions.

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Below is a list of best breathing app for iPhone, let’s check them out.

1. BreatheIn

breathing app for iPhone

BreatheIn is one of the best breathing apps for iPhone. This app has a perfect collection of breathing exercises, especially for recovery and relaxation. With the beautiful interface and soothing sounds, it makes your experience more smooth.

The app provides breathing sessions for different purposes. You can find five breathing exercises such as Box breathing, Lengthened Breathing, Bee Breathing, Coherent Breathing, and Lengthened Breathing.

Not all the lessons are free in the app but you can unlock them switching to the paid version. Till then, you can continue with the free-breathing exercises.

Each lesson recommends you to breathe slowly for a few minutes. When you open these lessons, you will find audio to play. While you listen to the soothing voices of water, chirping birds and other local sounds, you can breathe as per the instructions on the screen. The instructions guide you to inhale, hold breath, and exhale properly.

2. Kardia Deep Breathing

breathing app for iPhone

Kardia Deep Breathing is another breathing app for iPhone. This works pretty well with a simple interface. The app provides breathing cycles for 5-7 minutes.

You can practice breathing techniques on different levels; Normal, Advanced, and Target mode. In advanced mode, you can set the inhalation and exhalation duration whereas, in the Target mode, you can operate the acceleration and deceleration of the breathing cycle.

However, the app does not show any instructions on the screen. All you have to focus on the Sphere on the screen and sync your breath with a sphere.

Apart from this, you can adjust the ration of breathing, sounds, display, vibrations, etc. So, if you are looking for a simple breathing app with custom power, you can go for this app.

3. Breath Ball Breathing Exercise

breathing app for iPhone

Breath Ball Breathing Exercise is an interesting breathing app that you can use on iPhone. The app shows a number of breathing exercises on the homepage.

There are Cardiac Coherence training, Slow-paced breathing, COPD breathing, etc. Each exercise comes with a tutorial. You can go through it for a better understanding.

When you start exercising, it shows a Sphere on the screen. You need to inhale when the Sphere gets bigger and exhale when it goes small. Similarly, you can follow other exercises to improve your health. The app also lets you set your own breathing cycle to practice breathing in the right way.

4. Breathe2Relax

breathing app for iPhone

Breathe2Relax is a free breathing app for iPhone. Using the app, you can follow a breathing session and relax your mind and body to improve health.

When you launch the app, you can find breathing exercises in the Breathe section. The app shows a slider on the screen using which you can set a ratio of your stress level. Doing so, the app will instruct you according to your mood.

Thereafter, you can start your breathing session. The app keeps on instructing you how to breathe, what to think, and when to relax. You can shorten and lengthen your inhalation and exhalation as well

Apart from this, you can change the background scenes to make your experience better. The app also shows tutorials, breathing sessions, setup, and results on the homepage that you can check out too.

5. The Breathing App

breathing app for iPhone

The Breathing App is another app that you can use to improve your breathing power. This app lets you set breathing session length. By practicing proper breathing, you can recover from mental illness.

You can adjust the slider between 1-30 minutes in the app. By setting the ration, you can inhale and exhale comfortably. Besides that, you can choose the small ration then increase it to practice breathing. When the clock starts, the app shows a Sphere shape on the screen that keeps on getting bigger or smaller. You can sync your breathing with it and complete the session.

In brief

Following a proper breathing session is important for your mental health. You can pick any of your favorite apps from the above-mentioned apps and download them on your phone. These apps let you set custom breathing session length and ratio. You can then practice daily and challenge yourself by setting a difficult level of breathing.

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