2 Free Windows 10 Car Wash Games for Everyone

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Car Wash games are simply fun to play and can be enjoyed equally by people of all age groups. There were 2 car wash games that we found in Windows 10 app store and they have different features in each one of them. One game offers simple car wash service as well as changing color of the cars and applying designs on them. Whereas the other app offers other repair services as well like body repairs, chassis repairs, etc. The apps are all free to download and enjoy.

Car wash salon games are entertaining and can prove to be educational for kids. Kids can learn how to focus, improve their cognitive skills, learn logical problem solving, etc. So this article has 2 car wash games that can be played by anyone. Lets look at these Windows 10 car wash games below.

Car Wash & Design

Car Wash & Design is a fun car wash game app for Windows 10. When you start this game you have to select a car to work with. The above screenshot shows the different car categories you can select from. After you select the car the car is ready to enter the car salon. Press the start button to start the game. Inside the car salon you will get various option for your car as displayed in the screenshot below.

Select the service that you need to get your car repaired and ready. You can go for the regular car wash depending on the condition of your car. You can go for body repairs, chassis repairs, fueling services, or car tuning. After selecting the service you will be presented with the appropriate tools and the area to be repaired on the car will be pointed out as well. Once you are done with the repairs, then you can go for a car wash to make your car look new and shiny.

Once you go through a car wash your car will look like the above given screenshot. Brand new and shiny. You can go ahead and choose a different car and start playing the game all over again.

Super Car Wash & Crazy Design

Super Car Wash & Crazy Design is a fun game app. Apart from washing and cleaning the car, you can also apply fresh paint on the car along with some awesome designs. When you start the app you will see a screen like the one shown in the screenshot above. Here you will be asked to select a car which you would like to work with. After you select a car you can start the cleaning process and seen in the screenshot below.

Start with the first icon which is applying shampoo to the car. After that use the sponge to apply the shampoo all over the car. Then rinse it off with water. Then it is the turn for the tires to be cleaned. Once done, rinse of with water again. Then move on to the next screen where you can apply fresh paint and design to your car. Notice that only a few designs and colors are available for free, the remaining designs and colors have a video icon on them. That means you can watch a video ad to unlock that particular color or design.

Once done you are shown the car ready on the last screen. From here you can start the game over again.


These are the 2 free car wash games available for Windows 10 users. There was one more game with the name of Deluxe Car Wash, but it was same as Super Car Wash game. Absolutely no difference in the two, so I didn’t include it in here. Go ahead and try these 2 games out.

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