10 Free Online Animated Icon Generator

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Here is the list of 10 free online animated icon generator. You can use them to easily create stunning and cool animated icons by editing dozens of predefined icons on these websites. The icons include various type of spinners, loading bars, loaders, and other looped symbol animations. They allow you to pick any icon you want and then customize it by changing various parameters like the foreground color, size of the icon, animation speed, frames per second, background color, and so on. Once you’re done with customizing an icon, you can go ahead and generate it as a visually appealing animated icon.

You can also download the icons to your PC as different files like GIF, APNG, SVG, etc. Some of these animated icon maker have limitations like few customization options, or predesigned icons, etc. There are many icon maker software and online applications available, which can help you create beautiful icons. But, none of them, can actually allow you to generate animated icons as these websites do.

animated icon generator

Now, let us get started with the online animated icon generator.


Chimply is one of the best free online animated icon generator which can be used to create some stunning animated icons with ease. It offers dozens of predefined icons categorized into spinners, animated bars, buttons, and badge. You can choose any icon you want and then manually customize it. It lets you change various parameters of the icon like icon color, background color, width, reverse animation direction, adjust animation speed, etc. Once done, just click on the “Generate” button and the animated icon will be ready for you to download. You can generate and download unlimited animated icons as GIF or SWF files for free.


Preloaders.net is another online animated icon generator that can help you generate amazing icons with animation for free. This website also offers many predefined icons that contain spinners, loading bars, and more. You can select any of these icons and then customize it as you desire. You can actually change the foreground & background color, adjust animation speed, width & height of the icon, invert colors, flip, reverse animation, invert colors, and do more editing. After you’re all set with the icon, hit the “Generate” button visible at the bottom. As soon as you do that, it will generate the animated icon and you can download it as a GIF or APNG file to your PC. You can generate icons as many times as you want, but only the free ones.

Loading APNG:

Loading APNG is also a free and useful animated icon generator which lets you easily generate custom icons with different animation styles. This website offers more than 40 predefined animated icon templates which include animated bars and spinners. You can choose any of these icons and customize it to give your own touch to it. This icon generator provides various editing options that can be used to change the foreground color, background color, resize the width & height, and also add a transparent background if you want. Once done editing, click on the “Generate Animation” button to preview the animated icon and finally download it as a GIF or APNG file. It is completely free to use for generating unlimited animated icons.

Load Info:

Load Info can also be used to generate animated icons for free. This website provides a huge collection of more than 100 predefined animated icons which include various symbols, spinners, loaders, etc. You can simply pick an icon and then edit it manually. You can change the background color, foreground color, flip icon, make background transparent, and most importantly change size and frame rate of the animated icon. Once done, select the “Generate” option and the icon will be ready to be downloaded as a GIF file. This animated icon generator is completely free to use.

Ajax Loading Images:

Ajax Loading Images is also a free animated icon maker which allows you to create beautiful animated icons online. After opening this website, you can see many predefined icons (GIF and SVG) which you can select and edit as you want. It exhibits animated spinners, loading bars, and other symbols among which you can select anyone for customization. You can make the icon background transparent, resize icon, and also change the foreground & background color. Once done, click on the “Generate Preview” button to see the animated icons. You can then download the icon as a GIF or SVG file according to the icon you have selected.

Loader Generator:

Loader Generator is another animated icon generator that allows you to easily create simple animated icons for free online. It provides only 7 predefined animated icons such as Line, Arrow, Snake, Pulsate, etc. You can choose any of these icons and then this website will let you customize it. It comes with options to resize the icon, adjust padding, animated speed, change icon color, and add a background color if you want. When you’re done with editing the icon, you can see the preview of it on the left. After that, you can just hit the “Download” button to export the animated icon to your PC as a GIF file.

SVG Circus:

SVG Circus is another interesting online animated icon generator which you can use to create astonishing icons for free. This one allows you to either use any of the predefined animation presets (like running in circles, double spinner, running in arcs, living matter, etc.) or add character manually to create a custom animated icon. It allows you to edit the icon by changing its animation style, icon character size, X & Y positions, opacity, color, stroke, and so on. There are other options available using which you can customize the icon such as different trick type, scale sequence, easing, etc. Once you’re done editing the icon, it allows you to export it as an SVG file but in an embed code.


Ajaxload is also a useful website which you can use to create animated icons online for free. It offers dozens of pre-designed icons that you can select and customize with ease. The icons include different styles like loading bars, pixel, spinners, etc. This animated icon generator only has the option to change the foreground, background color, or keep the background transparent of the icons. Once done, you can hit the “Generate It” button and then it will show you the preview. Now, you can also export the animated icon to your PC as a GIF file. There is no limit on the number of icons that you can generate for free.


Update 2022: This website no longer exists. Please try some other alterative from this list. 

LoadingGif offers more than 30 predesigned animated icons which you can customize to generate your own styled icons. The icons include various circular symbols, spinners, animated bars, etc. You can select any of them and then proceed to customization. Similar to “Ajaxload”, this one also lets you change the foreground color, background color, and make the background transparent only. After you’re done editing, click on the “Generate” button and you will get the animated icon ready to be downloaded as a GIF file. There is no limit on the number of customized icons that you can generate.

Single Element CSS Spinners:

Single Element CSS Spinners can also be used to create simple animated icons online for free. It only exhibits 8 predefined animated icons which are different spinners as of now. It doesn’t have much customization options. It comes with only two simple options to change the background color and the foreground color of the icons. When you do that, you can click on the “View Source” link associated with each spinner to get the embed code of that particular animated icon. There is no option to download the animated icons as images.

Closing Words:

These are some of the best free online animated icon generator which allow you to generate astonishing icons by editing predefined animated icons. What makes these websites more useful is that they come with an intuitive interface as well as editing options. So, go ahead and start generating some interesting animated icons for your website, blog, videos, etc. for free.

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