5 Online Hangman Game For Kids

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In this article, I have compiled a list of 5 free online Hangman games for kids. These online Hangman games will help your kids enrich their vocabulary and learn word spellings. The best part is that on most of the websites your kids can find other English games too. So, these websites can also be used as the resource to make your kids learn the language in an interactive manner. Some of the Hangman games lets you choose different categories to play with, like sports, food, animals, body parts, etc. In addition to that, gameplay of some online kid Hangman games are totally different from the original one, which makes them pretty interesting and fun to play. Read the complete list below to know more about these Hangman games for kids.

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English Activities:

englishactivities- online hangman game for kids

English Activities is a free website to learn English online in a fun way. There are a number of different English games for kids that they can play to enhance their vocabulary and learn English in a fun way. The English games list includes Mix and match, Pelmanism, etc. This website also includes the famous Hangman game for kids. In its online Hangman game, there are multiple categories to play the game, like body parts, animals, sports, food, colors, etc. So, if you want your kids to learn words from a specific category, then you can choose any of these categories and make your kid play the game. The storyline of the game is just same as the classic Hangman game in which you have to guess the letters of a word from a limited number of attempts. If you fail, then the animated character is hanged on the pole. Visit the link provided above to play the Hangman game online.

Visit the link provided above to play the Hangman game online for kids. Firstly, you have to select a category and then you can begin the game. After that, you need to guess the word with a specific number of letters from the selected category. In order to guess a letter, you have to use the on-screen game keyboard, as you can see in the screenshot above. As usual, with every wrong guess the game character i.e. Hangman gets closer to death and after your attempts are over it is hanged till death. In case you don’t have any clue about the words, then there is also an option to see the list of possible words. Just scroll down the webpage and you will see the list of possible words. Ask your kids to now guess the word from the list of possible words and to progress through the game.


PrimaryGames- online Hangman game

PrimaryGames is another free website for kids to play Hangman online. Your kids will find this game easy to play as it includes easy words to guess, which are mostly between 2 to 6 letters long. However, there are no categories to choose from and the words get repeated quite a few times. I will recommend you to check out this game if you want to teach simple and easy English words first.

The link provided above will directly land you to the web page on which your kids can play this Hangman game. If the game doesn’t load, then make sure you have enabled the Flash content to run on this site. In this Hangman game, your kids will be asked 10 questions and will be awarded and deducted points for every correct and incorrect letter guess. Unlike the conventional Hangman game in which the Hangman is hanged on a pole if you don’t guess the word correctly, this game has similar concept, but different animation. On the left of the gameplay, you will see a snake-like character with multiple blocks of different colors. For each incorrect guess a block from the bottom is removed and you finally lose when all the blocks, including the head of the snake are removed. Well, it also shows the correct word at the end of a question when all your attempts are over. The game is finished after your kid has attempted all 10 questions.


Kidspot- free hangman game for kids

Kidspot is yet another free website to play the Hangman game for kids online. It also consists of multiple categories like animals, geography, Disney characters, etc. from which your kids can learn new words and their spellings. The difficulty level of this online Hangman game is also not so hard and your kids can easily play it.

Visit the link provided above and choose a category to play the Hangman game online. After that, the game begins and you will have to guess the words from the selected category. To guess a letter, press any of the letters displayed on the screen. If the guessed letter is correct, then you will see it in the word to be guessed and if not, then you push Hangman a step closer from being hanged on the pole. So, in order to prevent Hangman from being dead and to clear the game, you need to correct the letters and form the word within the limited number of steps. When the game is over, it also shows the correct word that you were unable to guess.

Games to Learn English:

gamestolearnenglish- free online hangman game for kids

Games to Learn English is yet another website for kids to learn English with a fantastic online Hangman game. Just like other online Hangman games on my list, it also provides different categories to choose from and practice words from a specific category first. Some of the categories that you can play are food, animals, body, kitchen, computer, etc. So, you can make your kids practice this game and learn new words from these different categories. The gameplay is similar to the Classic Hangman game but with a little less difficulty, so that kids can play it easily. The vowel letters guesses aren’t counted, which will really help kids to guess the words easily, as they can make the vowel guesses and see if they occur in the word or not. After that, they can take an idea by seeing the vowels in the word and figure out the remaining letters of the word.

Visit the link provided above and then wait for the game to load. Once it is loaded, click on the Start button and then choose a category to begin the game. Now, you have to guess the letter of the word by clicking on the letters on the game screen. For each correct guess, you will get some points and for every wrong prediction, the Hangman get closer to the death. I will suggest you to first use all the vowels and then figure out the remaining part of the word.

Learning Games For Kids:

online hangman game for kids

Learning Games for Kids is the last free website on my list to play the Hangman game for kids online. The best part is that this website provides tons of Hangman-like games for kids. These Hangman-like games follow the concept of old Hangman game, but the gameplay animations are totally different. In these games, your kids will do the same task as in other online Hangman games on this list i.e. guess letters to form a word with a limited number of attempts. However, in these games, Hangman isn’t hanged by the pole, but you need to accomplish a different task i.e. make the mouse eat all the cheese without waking up the cat. Well, that really sounds like the old Tom and Jerry show but I bet your kids will totally fall in love with it as it is quite funny and exciting to watch. With every guess, the mouse goes to the other end to try and pick the cheese. If the guess is correct, the mouse will be able to pick the cheese, move to the other end and eat the cheese. If the guess is wrong, then the cat will make the mouse run away without the cheese. You have to help the mouse to eat all the cheese by forming the correct word as in the Hangman game.


In this tutorial, I introduced you to 5 free online Hangman game for kids. Most of the websites on this list provide lots of different games that the kids can play to learn English and enrich their vocabulary. My favorites from the list are learninggamesforkids, gamestolearnenglish, and PrimaryGames.

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