5 Free Hangman Games For iPhone

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Here is a list of 5 free hangman games for iPhone using which you can play Hangman anytime.

Hangman is an old school game which is very popular even in today’s life. We all have played hangman in our childhood days in schools or even outside. Some of us play it even today and I am also one of them. Hangman is a very good puzzle game which helps players in increasing their vocabulary, knowledge as well as remembering power. The game can be played all alone but its more fun when played with friends. Now, the hangman games are also available on your very own iPhone. Lets have a look at them.

1. Hangman Classic Free:

Hangman Classic Free

The first hangman game for iPhone is Hangman Classic Free. This game provides you with 24 categories to choose from like: English, Basic English, Animals, Food & Drinks, Sports, Family, etc. It also has some categories related to education like SAT, GRE, IELTS, TOEFL, and GMAT vocabulary. You can also choose from two different themes: Chalk on blackboard and Pencil on Paper. Besides this, the game even maintains a leaderboard on Game Center where you can check your rank as well as check for the achievements unlocked by you.

Get Hangman Classic Free here.

2. Hangman Free:

Hangman Free

The second hangman game for iPhone is Hangman Free. This game lets you play hangman in two modes: Single player and Multiplayer. You can also choose the word list from following categories: Easy, Standard, Hard, Animals, Food, Geography, Holidays, SAT, and TOEFL. The game has an interface similar to a crayon drawing. It looks like someone is making a crayon drawing while on the other end a man gets hanged due to the mistakes you make.

Get Hangman Free here.

3. Hangman ⓇⓈⓈ:

Hangman ⓇⓈⓈ

The third game in the list is Hangman ⓇⓈⓈ. This is an unique game which lets you play hangman as well as read news directly from this single app. In reality, each of the puzzle in this game is related with a news which you can read only after solving the puzzles. The game has a total of 4 modes: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert. In the beginning, only Easy level is unlocked with each of the higher level getting unlocked only if you have solved the lower level 5 times continuously.

One more unique thing about this hangman app is that it also provides hint which you can use to get an idea of the exact word. You also need to solve the puzzle in quickest possible time if you want to earn bonus points. After solving the puzzle, you can read the related articles under Dig section with link to real source as well. Apart from this, the game has local as well as online scoreboard to track your stats.

Get Hangman ⓇⓈⓈ here.

4. Hangman by Spice:

Hangman by Spice

Hangman by Spice is a game which represents traditional hangman game in a totally new avatar. There are a total of 9 categories to choose from like: Hollywood, Kids, Dictionary, Just Fun, Music, Sports, etc.  There is also an option called Start where you will get puzzles mixed up from all the 9 categories. Besides this, you can also play daily packs which contains fresh puzzles everyday. One unique feature is that you can also use this game to play hangman with your Facebook friend’s name as a puzzle. You only need to link your Facebook account with the app to do this.

Get Hangman by Spice here.

5. Doodle Hangman Free:

Doodle Hangman Free

Doodle Hangman Free is a very interactive hangman game which you will definitely love to play. In this game, the hangman is shown to you as someone is doodling him on the screen. The game also has animations which means you can even see the hangman doing movements including the scary expressions with each word that you guess wrong. You can choose to play the game as Single player, two player, and even multiplayer. The doodling and animation effects of the hangman will surely get you hooked with this game for long.

Get Doodle Hangman Free here.

Here I conclude my list of 5 free hangman apps for iPhone. Get these games and play them to enjoy some good time with friends or just play all alone to kill some time. Don’t forget to share the name of the game which you liked the most.

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