4 Free Websites to Learn Swift Programming Language

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Here is a list of 4 free websites to learn Swift programming language. These websites provide you with various resources like articles, video tutorials, exercises, examples, source codes, etc. which in turn help you in learning the Swift programming language easily and quickly. All these websites and resources provided by them are absolutely free to use.

Swift is the latest programming language introduced by Apple at the WWDC held last year. This language is used for developing apps for iOS and OS X. It is designed to work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks (Source: Wikipedia). So let’s get started with each of these websites one by one.

1. Swift Programming Language Basics by Apple:

Swift Programming by Apple

The first website in the list to learn Swift programming language is from Apple. This website is officially from Apple and all the resources used here are approved by Apple. Here, Apple has explained all the concepts of Swift programming by treating them as a whole chapter. Some of the chapters are The Basics, Strings & Characters, Control Flow, Subscripts, Inheritance, Initialization, Deinitialization, Enumerations, and many more.

While reading about any concept, you will find an option called On this page. This option is like the table of contents for that page. You can click on it to check all the sections in which whole concept has been divided. You can then click on the section to jump to it directly.

2. Learn Swift:

Learn Swift

The next website in the list for you to learn Swift programming language is Learn Swift. This website doesn’t have any resource of its own, instead it is a curated collection of best Swift programming resources from all over the internet. It has divided the whole course into 3 parts: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. You can choose the level as per your knowledge about programming. The website has arranged all the resources in such an order that it not only becomes easier for you to understand, but it also saves your time of searching on the internet for worthy resources manually.

All the topics and concepts are hyperlinked to their original resource. Clicking on any concept will take you to that webpage from where you can follow it.

3. Swift Language:

Swift Language

Swift Language is the third website for you to get familiar with and start learning Swift programming language. When you will open it, you will get the feel like you are using another Apple’s website but don’t get confused. This website is not related to Apple in any way, it just has theme and typography similar to that of Apple’s.

It has three main sections: Learn, Code and Discuss. The Learn provides information related to different Swift programming concepts, Code is like an online playground for you where you can try out codes and check them. The final option Discuss was for discussing the Swift programming but as of now, it has been stopped due to spamming.

4. We Heart Swift:

We Heart Swift

We Heart Swift is the last website in the list for those who are interested in learning Swift programming language. This website lists 100 exercises under the section Swift programming from Scratch. All these exercises are divided into 11 sections. Some of them are First Steps, Conditionals, Loops, Types, Loops, Strings, Arrays, and much much more. You have to click on the option to open it and start studying the concept. Each concept is divided into different sections and is accompanied by corresponding images and code snippets. It also includes examples with hint and solutions.

Here, I conclude this list of 4 free websites to learn Swift programming language. You can try out any of these websites as all of them are free to use.

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