5 Free Online Tip Calculator Websites

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Here is a list of 5 free online tip calculator websites. You can use these websites to find out how much tip you have to pay to the waiter or any person in addition to the bill. These websites also let you enter custom tip % to calculate the correct tip to be given. If you are with your friends then still nothing to worry about, simply enter the number of people and these websites will also calculate the tip to be paid by each person.

None of these websites require you to sign-up or go through any other unnecessary procedure. Just open them in the browser, enter the details, and calculate the tip. So, let’s get started with them.

1. Online Conversion:

Online Conversion

Online Conversion is the website which lets you calculate tip easily. You have to enter amount of bill, percentage of tip, and number of people. On the basis of entered data, it shows tip amount, total to pay, and total per person. If you want to calculate tips for different scenarios like change of bill or any other, then you have to click on Reset button instead of clearing each data individually and manually.

Apart from tip calculator, this website also lets you convert units like Acceleration, Angles, Area, Light, Mass, Currency, Density, Energy,  and many more.

2. iTipping:


iTipping is the simplest and easiest tip calculator in the list. You only have to enter the total amount of bill to be paid. When you have entered the bill, the website shows tip to be paid at 10%, 15%, and 20%. There is no other option for you to play around with or settings to tweak. To change the values, you only have to change the amount of total bill amount to be paid.

3. Calculator Soup:

Calculator Soup

The third tip calculator in the list is Calculator Soup. This tip calculator provides you with multiple options to change before getting the tip amount to be paid. The unique thing about this website is that it lets you add custom tip percentage. You have to add the tip %, bill amount, and number of people included. On clicking Calculate button, the website shows Tip total, bill total, and tip per person. You can also enter tip % in decimals which you will get all the results in decimals but you can choose to round off the results.

Besides this, Calculator Soup also includes information like how to calculate tip in your head.

4. Calculator for Free:

Calculator for Free

Calculator for Free is the website which has two parts: Tip calculator and Bill splitting. Under the tip calculator, you have to enter bill amount and tip percentage. The tip percentage can be anywhere between 1 to 49 %. The bill splitting feature is needed to be entered only if there are multiple persons and you want to split bill among all. You can choose to enter the number of people between 1 to 99. When you have entered all the values, it will show you tip amount and bill total.

5. Percent Calculators:

Percent Calculators

The last calculator in the list is Percent Calculators. It has 3 fields for you to enter: Bill Amount, Tip Percentage, and Number of People. Depending upon the values entered by you, the website shows tip amount, tip per person, total per person, and total to pay. The good thing about the website is that you don’t have to click any button to get the results, the website shows the results instantaneously.

These are the 5 free online tip calculator websites. Check them out to calculate tip to be paid instantaneously with no hassles.

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