Pokemon Smile: Fun Brushing Android App for Kids

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Pokemon Smile is a fun brushing Android app for kids which is also available for iOS devices where kids can catch a new Pokemon character each time they brush their teeth. This teeth brushing app is a really fun app for kids. It will make the teeth brushing session for kids a lot more interesting. I tried this app with my son and now teeth brushing sessions have become effortless. My son, the moment he gets up wants to brush his teeth using the Pokemon Smile app and the same goes for the night time brushing. It is a real attractive game for kids.

You can easily download this app from the Google Play store. Once you have installed this app, you can open it and you will see a interface like the one seen below.

This screen will show you some instructions about the app. Just click OK and you will be taken to the game screen. Click on Start Game screen. Then you will be asked to select the country of residence and agree to the terms and conditions of the app.

Now you will be asked to select a Pokemon you want to play with. Once you select the Pokemon, choose a birth date for your kid and move forward. Now choose the gender for your kid and you will get to the brushing screen.

Click on the Get Brushing option. You will be asked to give camera permission to the app. Once you do that, you will be able to see your face on the screen with a Pokemon cap on your head.

A countdown timer will start at the top of the screen which is about 3 minutes, which is the recommended time for brushing. At the bottom right of the screen you will be shown a teeth picture telling you which area needs to be brushed.

The app keeps showing encouraging messages on the screen while you are brushing. The background music is real fun too. As you get closer to the timer ending, you will be shown that you have captured a Pokemon.

You can click on the ball to reveal which Pokemon you have captured. You also win different Pokemon caps and stickers each time you finish brushing your teeth.


Pokemon Smile is a really cool app for your kids to get into a habit of brushing their teeth. The fun app attracts kids of all ages and it makes the daily chore of brushing teeth fun for them. Kids look forward to brushing teeth using this app and the more fun part is catching a new Pokemon every time.

Try out this Pokemon Smile app here.

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