Free Windows 8 Minesweeper App: Microsoft Minesweeper

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Microsoft Minesweeper is a free Windows 8 Minesweeper app to play Minesweeper on your Windows 8. Now you can play this classic puzzle game on your Windows 8 too.

Minesweeper is a famous game that has been associated with Microsoft since a long time. Now this app is brought to you by Microsoft Studios for Windows 8 too. Enjoy discovering those mines in different difficulty levels and play the new adventure mode also in this Windows 8 Minesweeper app.

windows 8 minesweeper

About Microsoft Minesweeper App for Windows 8:

Microsoft Minesweeper let’s you play the classic Minesweeper game in Windows 8 for free. You can play in both classic and adventure mode. You can also learn how to play Minesweeper in this app itself.

In Minesweeper game, you have to discover mines and flag them. The layout will be places in form of squares arranged in the form of a grid. You can open the grids by clicking with your mouse. But if you open any mine, it will blast and the game will be over. Learn more about the game in this Wikipedia Article (tutorials are available in the app also).

Here is a brief description about Minesweeper game from the Wikipedia article I linked above:

The game is played by revealing squares of the grid, typically by clicking them with a mouse. If a square containing a mine is revealed, the player loses the game. Otherwise, a digit is revealed in the square, indicating the number of adjacent squares (typically, out of the possible eight) that contain mines. In typical implementations, if this number is zero then the square appears blank, and the surrounding squares are automatically also revealed. By using logic, the player can in many instances use this information to deduce that certain other squares are mine-free, in which case they may be safely revealed, or mine-filled, in which they can be marked as such (which, in typical implementations, is effected by right-clicking the square and indicated by a flag graphic).

As soon as you launch the app, you will be requested for a login to your XBox account; you can login or ignore it if you want to. Then you will see various sections like: games, themes, awards, leaderbaords, statistics, and tutorials.

  • The games section consists of: easy, medium, hard modes, custom, adventure, and daily challenge games in it.
  • In Themes you can modify the theme of the game to classic or garden theme.
  • In awards section you can see all the awards and medals that you have earned.
  • In statistics you can see the number of games you have played, wins, losses, etc.
  • In leaderboards you can see the statistics of players around the world.
  • In tutorials you can learn how to play the game in all modes.

windows 8 minesweeper game

Features of Windows 8 Minesweeper App:

The features of Windows 8 Minesweeper app are:

  • This app is available for free
  • The rules are same like classic Minesweeper.
  • The difficulty levels can be adjusted.
  • Login to your Xbox account and you can access: achievements, and leaderboards.
  • This app supports both mouse and keyboard.
  • New adventure mode like shown in below screenshot.

windows 8 minesweeper adventure

How To Install Microsoft Minesweeper:

Just click here (open the link in Internet Explorer of Windows 8). Then go ahead and install the app. After installation, just launch the app and enjoy playing Minesweeper on Windows 8. Use your mouse to and left click to play. Use right click to look out for hints or to navigate to other games. Use arrows on keyboard to navigate through squares and enter to uncover a mine. Use [1] to set a flag and Ctrl + Space to set flag or chord.

This app is same like classic Minesweeper game and you can enjoy various other options too. You can also try Windows 8 Solitaire app.

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