Process Hacker: Manage Services Running on PC

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Process Hacker is a free software that gives information on running processes, resource usage, and disk access, and helps in managing services and processes on system. It’s a highly comprehensive tool that provides ample information on system activity and gives you proper control to kill processes that causes resource hogs. You can also view detailed performance graph and find hidden processes to get rid of harmful trojans and viruses (but this is not a replacement for Antivirus). Apart from that, it displays overall CPU usage, physical memory usage, and number of running process on system.

By default, Windows gives you access to the running system processes and services through its Task Manager, however, its limited in functionality. Third party tools like Process Hacker not only provide extra information on active processes, but also gives you advanced control to create, edit, or control services.

Process Hacker - Interface

You can download Process Hacker free using the link given at the end of this article. The program will self install and you will be on your way to control and monitor processes on your system.

A Brief Overview of Process Hacker:

Using Process Hacker is simple. The interface consists of four different tabs, listing active processes, services, network resources, and disk activity.

The first tab displays a hierarchical view of all active processes on your system. These are highlighted in different colors for quick reference. From here, you can terminate, suspend, resume, restart any process, create dump file, set priority, view its properties, and perform other process-related tasks.

Process Hacker - Process Options

The second tab lists all the services that are using the active processes and lets you start, stop, or delete them.

The third tab displays a list of programs that have active network connections and lets you close any connection if required.

The last tab provides real-time information of disk activity.

Apart from that, there’s lot more this freeware offers, including options to find hidden processes, view detailed stack traces, control services, unload and inject DLLs, etc.

Here are some of the Features of Process Hacker:

  • Free software to get information on active system processes, services.
  • Detailed performance graphs to track runaway process and resource hogs.Process Hacker - Graphs
  • Highlight entries to help you quickly track desired processes.
  • Hierarchical view of processes.
  • Supports finding hidden process, handles, and DLLs.Process Hacker - Handles and DLLs
  • Simple UI.
  • Advanced options for technical users.

The Final Verdict:

Process Hacker is a nice free utility software for Windows and it gives you comprehensive information about all processes, detailed performance graphs, hidden processes, and more. The DLL unloading and injection also makes this a great program. There are many different features available within this program that makes it easier to work with active processes. No matter what you want to work with, this program has it all.

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Get Process Hacker here!

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP
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