GeSWall: Isolate Internet Applications to Prevent Malware

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GeSWall is free Windows intrusion prevention software to keep intrusive software out of your computer. This is a type of sanbox software that isolates programs and internet applications such as Email clients, Web browsers or any other installed application. So, while you run these applications, they cannot access other parts of your computer without your permission.

Let’s say you have installed GeSWall on your computer, and have chosen to display your browser like Google Chrome or Safari for Windows. Then, you accidentally visit some malicious website that tries to download some malicious software on your PC. Because GeSWall has isolated your browser from other parts of your computer, it will not let that software to be installed on your computer, and your computer stays free of malicious software.

GeSWall Isolater

This can keep any type of worms and key loggers out of your computer. The program prevents confidential file disclosure, prevents malicious infection of software, is easy to use and protects download messengers, Chat messengers, Viewers and Web browsers.

We have already talked about Sandboxed Firefox browser that completely isolates your browser from your computer. GeSWall goes even a step further as it can isolate virtually any application.

As Bill mentioned in his article, this is not a free sandbox software, but instead an isolation software. This free isolation software works on Windows 2003, Vista, XP, 2000 and Windows 7. This is a lot of OS that can be protected.

GeSWall being free is easy to download and to work with. Anything that can be isolated to prevent attack will be when using this particular program.  You can protect multimedia, MS office, Viewers, and IRC just for some examples of programs that can be protected by using isolation software such as GeSWall. Being able to prevent malicious software attacks and targeted intrusions is one thing that no computer should ever be without. No matter what your computer programs are, this is one program that will protect your programs from attack by anyone no matter where they are.

Downloading GeSWall is simple and easy to do. Simply download it, and Double Click on the icon to begin installation onto your computer. This is an easy process to understand and within a few minutes, your computer, web browser and other items will be isolated and secure. This is not a hard program to use. Once you have the programs isolated, then your computer will be safe from attack. This program is for anyone who simply wants to be more protected than what average programs can do to protect your computer. By isolating programs, you lessen the attack values.

Here are some of the features of GeSWall:

  • Non Intrusive and Easy to Use
  • Central Management
  • Independent of Attack Techniques
  • Prevents confidential file disclosure
  • Prevents targeted intrusions
  • Prevents key loggers, backdoors and root kits
  • Prevents malicious infection of software
  • Can increase security with Office, Chat Messengers and other programs

By the way, Comodo Internet Security uses sandbox technology to prevent malware from infecting your PC. And for secure browsing, you can also try Comodo Dragon.

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Works With: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 2000
Free/Paid: Free

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