How to Check Gmail in Yahoo Mail

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Many people are not aware that it is really simple to check Gmail in Yahoo Mail. I really like the web interface of Yahoo Mail, much more than Gmail’s web interface. The good part is that Gmail lets you do POP mail settings, so that Gmail can be easily accessed in other email clients. This feature can be used to check Gmail in Yahoo mail web interface.

Here are steps to Check Gmail in Yahoo Mail:

First step is to enable POP in Gmail. For that:

  • Go to Gmail. Then, click on “Setting” option that comes in top Right corner of Gmail.
  • In the window that appears, go to “Forwarding and POP / IMAP” tab.
  • In this tab, go to “POP Download” section. Here, click on “Enable POP for all Email”. Then click on “Save Changes”. This step enables your Gmail to be accessed from external email clients.

Second part is to configure Gmail settings in Yahoo Mail. For that:

  • Go to Yahoo Mail.
  • Click on “Option”, and then “More Options..”
  • In the Window that appears, click on “Accounts” option on Left side.
  • Then, click on “Add Account” option that is available towards the Top of Right side window.
  • In this, give an account name that you would like to identify your Gmail account by. In my case, I would add “Ishan Gmail”, just to make it intuitive.
  • Then give your full name in “From” name box.
  • In the Email Address box, type email address of your Gmail account.
  • Then in “Receiving Mail” section, choose the folder where you want your Gmail emails to be delivered in Yahoo mail. If you want to keep them separate, you can create a different folder in Yahoo Mail, and then direct all your Gmail emails to that.
  • The provide your Gmail username and password in “Username” and “Password” box respectively.
  • Last box on this page is “Server”. In this, enter “”.
  • Once you are done, click on “Save Changes” towards the top.

Now, you will start receiving Gmail in Yahoo mail in the folder that you had selected. To reply to any email, just click on reply, and you will see a drop-down that let you choose account from which the reply should be sent. You can choose your Gmail account in that, and then that email will be replied from that account.

These steps would take just a few minutes, and would let you easily check Gmail in Yahoo Mail. If you want to use some external email client that can check both Gmail and Yahoo, try Zimbra Desktop.

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