How to Measure Mouse Clicks, Mouse Movement, and Keystrokes

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Have you ever wondered how can you measure distance you move your mouse every day? Or, number of keys that you press daily? Or, number of times you click left mouse button, right mouse button, or double click your mouse?

If you are curious to know about these, here is an easy way to measure mouse movement, mouse clicks, and keystrokes.

Mousotron is a free software that measures that distance that you move mouse daily. It measures the distance in miles /Yards / Inches. It will be quite a fun fact to see how much you move your mouse daily.

Apart from this, mousotron also tells you how many times you press keys daily. You can also find how many times you click on left mouse button or right mouse button or double clicked the mouse.

All this information is presented in form of a very easy to understand manner, and it keeps on updating as you move your mouse, or press keystrokes.


Mousotron is a good software just to have fun, and also to prevent Repetitive Strain Injury. Download free here.

Editor Ratings:
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