5 Free Software To Install Fonts Temporarily

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Here are 5 free software to install fonts temporarily. You can use fonts as long as you want and then these software help you unload/remove/uninstall fonts to save disk space as well as PC load time. Some of these software also come with feature to preview system fonts. Apart from that, you can preview fonts files with any text of your choice also. This makes them more useful as you don’t have to use other software especially to preview fonts.

A few unique features are also present in these software. You can print the list of font files, search for a particular font, check font information, etc.

Let’s begin with the first software to install fonts temporarily available in this list.

Font Loader

Font Loader- interface

Font Loader is one of my favorite software when it comes to installing fonts temporarily. It is a portable software and its user-friendly interface helps you add multiple fonts together to load them temporarily. Once the fonts are added, you can press Load button and all of those fonts are ready to use. Whether you want to use it in MS Word, Notepad, etc., those fonts will be visible to you for use.

When you are done with your work, you can simply select the fonts available on its interface and then press Unload button. That’s all this software does. It is a very good software to temporarily install fonts and that’s why I have added this software to this list.

You may check its detailed review also.


FontLoader software

FontLoader is one of the best software to install fonts temporarily. The interesting part about this software is you don’t have to install this software or setup things before loading fonts temporarily. It doesn’t come with any interface. All you have to do is drag a font file on FontLoader.exe file and it will load that font immediately. A small box will also open that contains the OK button. Pressing that OK button will unload the font automatically. So, keep that box opened. After that, you can use Notepad, Word, or other text editors to use the loaded font.

When you don’t want to use font anymore, you can simply press OK button visible in the small box. This will unload the font instantly. So, as you can see, it is an extremely simple software to use fonts temporarily.

AMP Font Viewer

AMP Font Viewer

AMP Font Viewer is a multi purpose software. It lets you install fonts temporarily, preview fonts without installation, add custom text to preview a font, view installed fonts, etc. You can install only one font at a time temporarily and that font is available to use until you close the software. As soon as the software is closed, the temporarily installed font is removed.

Apart from these interesting features, this software lets you uninstall fonts, copy font files, create custom categories to add font files, find a particular font, and more. So, it is actually a font manager software that serves different purposes. It is definitely a good choice to install fonts temporarily and do other things.

dp4 Font Viewer

dp4 Font Viewer- interface

dp4 Font Viewer competes with AMP Font Viewer (mentioned above) very well. It is so because it also comes with the feature to temporarily install fonts, preview font files with custom text, and view system fonts on its interface. The temporarily installed fonts remain available until next PC reboot. As soon as you restart your PC, all temporarily installed fonts are removed.

To load fonts temporarily, you first need to add the folder that contains your font files. After that, use Font menu and click on “Make available” option. Once the fonts are loaded or available, you can use them in Word or some other text editor.

Some other features like print list of fonts, search a particular font from the whole list, change font size to preview font, view font information (font family, sub-family, version, trademark, name, size, etc.), etc., also present in this software. So, this is definitely worth trying.

Font Load-Unload

Font Load-Unload interface

Font Load-Unload is a very simple software and it also comes with the feature to install or I say load fonts temporarily. You can also use it to see the list of installed fonts available on your PC. Its interface looks very old, but it won’t stop you from loading the fonts temporarily and easily. All you have to do is select font files and then drop them on the “LOAD” button present on its interface. After that, it will quickly load all of those fonts and show them on its interface. The good thing is that it shows a label “Loaded” for all the fonts that are not installed on your PC. After that, you can use the loaded fonts in any text editor.

To unload all the loaded fonts, just select those fonts, and use UNLOAD button present on its interface. This will refresh the list and remove the loaded fonts.

The Conclusion:

These software are very helpful for professionals and other users who regularly try new fonts. Instead of first installing the fonts on your PC, you can load them temporarily using these software. The loaded fonts can be used in almost any text editor and then you can test the fonts. Later, when your work is done, you can unload the fonts and then install them as per your needs.

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