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PSD Exporter is a free tool that enables to convert PSD file to PNG file. PSD stands for Photoshop document, it is basically a native file format of Photoshop for which you should posses Adobe Photoshop or equivalent Software that supports this file formats.

PSD Exporter supports list of layers and exports just the specific layer. It will also keep the transparent color of the PSD file, if it exists. It is a convenient way to convert the Photoshop document file into the PNG file. When you import the .psd file from the folder it enables you to view the number of layers involved in an image.

How does PSD to PNG converter works?

PSD Exporter can be downloaded using the link given at the end of this article, which will be around 12.7 MB in size. It has no specific system requirements and works on the Windows platform. As you are done with installation, PSD Exporter is ready to use.

psd exporter main

PSD Exporter opens up with a violet color window. Now you can import any PSD file from your folder when the file opens it shows the number of layers involved in an image including the transparent layer; if included. It covers all the areas of an image including left, top, width, height and opacity. There are six purple buttons located at the extreme bottom-right corner of the window that allow you to resize the image ranging from 25% to 200% and the image can be further Zoomed In or Zoomed Out as per your requirements.

psd exporter convert complete

Now you can export the image with .png extension with a desired name given to the Output File. Once your conversion is completed the message “Convert completed” appears and your image file has been finally converted to the PNG File Format.

Key Features of PSD to PNG converter:

  • Allows to export PSD files to PNG File format
  • Supports and lists the number of layers involved in an image
  • Exports specific layer of the image
  • Keeps the transparent color of the PSD file, if present
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Shows you the alert message when your conversion is completed

My Verdict About PSD Exporter

PSD Exporter is a freeware tool that enables to convert PSD to PNG file format. It is a convenient tool to change the Photoshop document file format, and works on Windows. But I had some inconvenience using this tool, as at the time of installation there was no option available to Create Shortcut desktop icon. The option to resize the PSD Exporter Window is also not provided, it remains in standard window size only. I found myself restricted with only .png format available, as I use other file formats and would have loved it if I was able to change the PSD file in other file formats and enable the editing features as well. I would prefer use other PSD Editor and PSD viewer for PSD files. If being restricted to just one file format does not bother you, then you can surely proceed with this option and grab your choice from here.

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