How To Change The Bluetooth MAC Address of Your Laptop

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This tutorial explains how to change the Bluetooth MAC address of your Laptop or PC.

There might be some situation you want to temporarily or permanently change the MAC address of the Bluetooth of your laptop. You might want to improve the security, your privacy, etc. In that case, a free software named Bluetooth MAC Address Changer can come in use.

The software is in beta currently, but can successfully change your Bluetooth MAC address. Also, note that it supports Bluetooth adapters of Broadcom Corporation and Cambridge Silicon Radio vendors. So, if the software supports your Bluetooth adapter, it will help you change the MAC address.

bluetooth MAC address before and after

Above you can see original and changed Bluetooth MAC address of my laptop.

Note: It would be nice to first write down the original MAC address and save it. This will help you revert the changes in case you experience any trouble after changing the Bluetooth MAC address.

We have also covered free DNS changer software.

How To Change Bluetooth MAC Address of Your Laptop Using This Software?

This is a portable software and you can download it using this link. Open its interface and it will show the status whether it supports your Bluetooth device or not. If yes, then it’s well and good.

You will see the MAC address in a box. Along with this, a Random button is available that will help you to generate new addresses. To apply a particular MAC address, click on Change button.

generate a MAC address and change

It will successfully change the address, but you might have to restart your PC. After this, open Bluetooth properties window to see if new MAC address is applied or not.


This is a straightforward way to comfortably change the MAC address of your Bluetooth device. Everything is so simple and you can give it a try.

Download this software.

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