Free Business Process Modeling Tool With UML, BPMN Support

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Eunomia Process Builder is a free BPM (Business Process Modeling) tool that supports UML 2.x and BPMN 2.0 standard modeling notations. It’s a comprehensive modeling tool that allows you to design any kind of process model using UML 2.x Activity diagrams and BPMN 2.0 process and collaboration diagrams. Eunomia Process Builder not only lets you design your processes, but also allows you to define and structure your process elements, manage their attributes and associations, and finally post them on web for sharing.

Apart from that, Eunomia Process Builder also consists of a powerful Schema Editor which is capable of designing process schema, process landscapes, role maps, organization charts, and work product maps. Eunomia Process Builder is available in two editions: free and commercial. The free edition (community edition) is suitable for small or medium size processes and is limited to 75 process elements. However, it has all the features of the paid version and is equally good in performance.

Let’s first see how you can download and install Eunomia Process Builder. Then we will explore more features of this free business process modeling software.

Eunomia Process Builder interface 01

Download and Install Eunomia Process Builder:

The community edition of Eunomia Process Builder can easily be downloaded from its official website using the link given at the end of this article. The download will consist of a setup file of size 14 MB, which you need to double-click on to run the installation wizard. After that, you will be guided by some easy steps following which you can install this free business process modeling in your system within few minutes.

After successful installation, you can run Eunomia Process Builder to easily design both simple as well as complex processes for your business.

Design Process Models using Eunomia Process Builder:

Eunomia Process Builder displays a link to the 11-minutes tutorial video on start up to give you a brief overview of the program interface and some introductory steps on how to use the software to create process models. You can also refer the comprehensive user manual to get more explanation on the working of this free business process modeling software.

The program interface basically consists of  a tools section on the left, and a working area on the right. You can start a new project and pick tools from the left panel to design your process models. You can define process objects using BPMN notation or UML notation. Eunomia Process Builder also allows you to manage additional process objects: activities, work products, roles, guides, policies, measures, quality criteria, glossary items, macro-activities, templates, examples, procedures, group elements, view elements etc.

Eunomia Process Builder design process

After designing the process elements, you can structure them in a tree-like hierarchy and define their characteristics. You can also use the powerful Schema Editor to easily create or edit diagrams associated to graphical items. It provides four modeling notations in which you can create or edit diagrams, namely UML Notation, Artistic Notation, Custom Notation, and BPMN Notation.

Eunomia Process Builder schema editor

Finally, you can generate a repository website for your processes from where you can widely share your processes on the web.

Key Features of this free Business Process Modeling software:

  • Free BPM (Business Process Modeling Software).
  • Supports UML 2.x and BPMN 2.0 standard modeling notations 
  • Suitable for designing both simple as well as complex process models.
  • Limited to 75 process elements; suitable for small and medium size processes.
  • Supports UML 2.x Activity diagrams and BPMN 2.0 process and collaboration diagrams.
  • Supports a variety of process elements:  activities, work products, roles, guides, policies, measures, quality criteria, glossary items, macro-activities, templates, examples, procedures, group elements, view elements etc.
  • Further modeling support besides designing process schema.
    • Define and structure process elements.
    • Manage attributes and links to process elements.
    • Posting processing on the web in 2 languages.Eunomia Process Builder publish design
  • Integrated Schema Editor to create or modify diagrams containing graphical items.
  • Define generation parameters.
  • Quick-insert activities graphical properties.
  • Quick-insert events graphical properties.
  • Video tutorial and user manual support.
  • Import Export project reports.
  • Comprehensive and reliable.
  • Lightweight.

The Final Verdict:

Eunomia Process Builder is a nice free business process modeling software that allows you to design or edit business processes, method processes, and manufacturing processes with full ease. It’s a powerful BPM software that supports the standard UML and BPMN modeling notations to let you design professional process models and publish them on wen for sharing. Moreover, it also comprises of a schema editor that supports creating or editing diagrams in 4 notations, plus it provides a comprehensive user manual and video tutorial which makes it an ideal choice for both professional as well as novice users. Download Eunomia Process Builder free and give it a try!

Get Eunomia Process Builder here.

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