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Poopfiction is a free website which finds you short stories to read according to free time you have. The name of the website is quite funny and reminds me of the free time you have while doing the do. So this website finds you short stories to read while you are pooping. Because if you think about it, you are just sitting there getting bored, so why not read a nice short story. Nah just kidding, its just the name of the website, doesn’t necessarily mean that you can read stories only when you are in the restroom. The website basically shows you stories which can be read in one minute going up to 4 plus minutes. Depending upon the time you have to spare, you can read these stories.

When you open this website you will be shown a page like the one in the screenshot below, with the image of a guy on the pot.


Next to the image you have your story options. Tiny stories which can be read in 1-2 minutes, short stories which can be read in about 2-3 minutes, medium stories which can be read in about 3-4 minutes, and long stories which can be read in 4+ minutes. Depending upon the amount of free time you have, you can choose a nice story to read. Just choose the kind of story you want and click on find me a story button.

poopfiction story view

For switching to the next story from the same section, there are two ways. First one is in the form of an icon seen in top right corner with two arrows crossing each other, this icon shows a random new story when clicked. Second isĀ  a button which says “another like this” at the end of each story to switch to a new story.

poopfiction options

You can also click on the three horizontal bar icon present at top right corner, which will let you pick random stories from any of the four sections. Apart from this, you can visit the history section, which shows a list of all the stories read by you. When you click the all stories link, you will be given four options to list all the stories present under each section namely all tiny stories, all short stories, all medium stories, and all long stories.

poopfiction list of stories

You can also check out websites where you can find short stories to read to kids.

All the stories are listed by theirĀ title and author name, like shown in the screenshot above. I liked this website, as you can find short stories to read according to time you have to spare. If you are on a restroom break, just calculate the amount of time you have on your hands and then decide if you want to read a short on or long one.

Check out Poopfiction here.

Editor Ratings:
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[Total: 3   Average: 4.3/5]
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