6 Websites to Find Short Stories to Read to Kids

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We all agree to the fact that everyone likes a good story, whether they are small kids or big kids. So we decided to search the web for sites that provide good short stories which you can read to your kids. Storytelling is a great way of bonding with your kids and it will help the child develop a interest in reading as well. As a kid I remember my parents telling me stories and it is one of my fondest memories till date.

We all know its so difficult to grab attention of the kids for more than a few minutes. So when we decide to read a story to them, make sure its fun and short to get enough attention from them. We are listing a few websites which will help you with your storytelling task. All these websites have a collection of short stories for kids which can be read to them anytime anywhere.

Short Kid Stories

short kid stories

The website lists a good collection of short stories you can read to your kids. The best part of this website is that you can search stories based on their titles, author name, age group, reading time they require, or by tags. When you open up a story by clicking on it, you will find a few options on the top of the page. First of all the reading text size can be changed to bigger or smaller. Secondly, you can print the story if you would like to. Thirdly, the story can be sent to your Kindle device by providing your account details.



This a beautiful and colorful website, as you would want a kids website to be. They have a section dedicated to reading. Under this section you will find the short stories that we are looking for. When you click the short stories tab, you will get a page with all the stories listed on it. To open a story, just click on the name and you will be taken to a new page with the story opened in it. You can navigate to the next story right from the bottom of the page or go back to the main page to choose another story. All the stories have a moral of the story mentioned at the end, which teaches kids good values. There is also a story of the day which is featured on the main page of short stories. Apart from the stories, the website also features fun activities for kids, animated stories, riddles, online games, etc.

Children’s Short Stories

chidlrens short stories

This is a very minimal website and does not have anything else but stories on it. The categories these stories are divided into can be seen listed in the above screenshot. Pick a category you are interested in, this will display all the stories in that particular category. Now pick a story you want to read and it will open up in a new page. That is pretty much what you can do on the website.



This website has a page called LearnEnglish Kids which has a good collection of short stories for kids. This page can be accessed from the link given above. Under the listen and watch tab they have all the stories laid out in a tile format. Under each story tile you will see the star rating given to it by people who have read this. Clicking a story tile will open it up in a new page where you will be able to listen as well as watch the animated story. The website lets you print the story in pdf format as well as print activity related to the story, but for this you first need to signup with the website.



The website has a small collection of short stories which will be fun to read. The website is pretty colorful and nice to look at. Apart from stories, the website also features school projects, jokes, hobbies, etc. The stories can be found in a tiled format on the main page. When you click a story tile, it will take you to the full story page. At the end of some stories, you will find a YouTube link to watch the video version of the story as well. Apart from short stories there are two more links to read more stories these are: stories for kids and Fables and Fairytales.

English for students

english for students

English for students is a good website to read some nice short stories for kids. You will not find the website very kid friendly as it does not have any colorful images or animated pictures in it. The website is plain and gives you a list of all the short stories for kids. Some of the categories you will find listed on the website are Moral stories, Fables, Humorous stories, classics, modern stories, etc. When you click on any of these links, you will be taken to the list of stories under each of these categories. From here you can pick a story to read by clicking on it. This will take you to a new page with the story opened in it.

You can also check out Moo-o, a free app which teaches kids how to read and create video stories.

These were the websites we found to read short stories on. They all have a pretty good collection of stories and you can read them anywhere using your laptops or mobiles. Go ahead and try out these websites. I’m sure kids of all ages will enjoy these stories.

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