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Copygen is a free web application that helps you to generate ads copies, taglines and description for any online products you want.

For doing an online or even offline business, it is really important to have good names and taglines for your products. But it is a pretty hard task to create them as it requires a good knowledge of your target audience and what can make the product stand out. Copygen may ease your work here. In just a few simple steps, your product copies and ad copies will be ready.

All you need to do is:

  • Click here to open the free web application.
  • Copy the link to the product you want to have the description of. You can get products from websites like Alibaba, Cj dropshipping and Shopify.

  • If you want to generate the product copy, paste the link in the Product CopyGen section and if you want to generate the ad Copy, paste the link in the Ad CopyGen section.
  • Click on Generate.


Your product copy or ad copy or both will be generated easily, in a few simple steps. You even have the option to change them if you don’t like the generated ones. Simply click on the Generate button again. The product CopyGen generates a list of taglines and names for your products so you can use whatever you like. Now you can copy them, edit them as per your preference and use them wherever you like.


This web application can no doubt make your work a lot easier but there are a few limitations that need to be highlighted:

  • The product you want to have or ad copy should already be posted on a website as a link is required.
  • There are times when you enter a certain product but get the description and taglines of a completely different product. So, you need to check thoroughly before copying and pasting the results.

It seems like there are a few functions that the developers need to focus on and which shall be recovered in the future.


To summarize, I would say Copygen can be a really helpful tool for you. If you are in the field of marketing and don’t want to spend time thinking about creative taglines, product names and ad copies just go for it. Just add the product’s link and let this tool generate all the stuff for you!

If I talk about my personal experience, there are times when people ask me to write their product copies and ad copies. I might be in the writing field but sometimes it can be a pretty hard and time-consuming task. So, I simply use this tool and then edit the results in my own way.

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