4 Free AI based Ads Copy Generator for Google and Facebook Ads

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This post talks about some best free AI based ad copy generator websites. Using these, you can generate Google or Facebook ads and then use them for your campaigns. All the websites mentioned in this list take details about the ad you want to run and then they generate the ad description that you can use. On most of these websites, you can even generate ad headline intelligently by just using a few keywords.

Drafting creative ads can be exhausting and can take a long of time if work on them alone. But if you take the help of the websites I have listed below, you can come up with ready-to use ads in just a few clicks. However, you may need to make small edits in the final ad copy to fine tune it in order to make it better. And luckily you can do that as these websites generate multiple variations of the ads which you can combine.

5 Free AI based Ads Copy Generator for Google and Facebook Ads

4 Free AI based Ads Copy Generator for Google and Facebook Ads


Simplified Ads Copy Generator

Simplified is a fantastic AI based text generator that you can use. Here you can use it to generate Google and Facebook ads in a few clicks. All it takes is a brand or company name and a small brief about the services that you offer. After that, it generates the effective ad copies that will convert visitors. It supports generating Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Google Ads out of the box. And besides ad generation, you can use the ad headline generator tool of this website as well.

You need to create a free account in order to start using Simplified. After that, you can find all the AI tools that it has to offer on its AI assistant section. From there, go to the Ads section and there you will see the ad copy generator tool for the various platforms. Proceed by entering the brand/company name and then specify the services you offer. Click on the Generate button to see all the ad copies that it has to offer. You can use any of them, and you are also free to edit them if you want to.


Anyword Ad Copy Generator

Anyword is another powerful ad copy generation platform that you can use. Here it supports generating Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Taboola Ads, Pinterest Ads, and Twitter Ads. You can even use this tool to generate ad headlines as well. For free, it lets you generate 1000 words per month. So, it is a good tool for personal or small use. But if you are an agency, then you need to sign up for one of the premium plans.

To generate an ad copy, here it takes a few details from you. Basically, you have to specify your brand name and its category. Next, you have to define what products or services that you offer. Or, if you are generating the ad copy for a product, then you need to define it in a couple of lines in order for it to generate the ad headline as well description for the final Google Search Ad.

You can sign up for a free account on the homepage, using the link above. After that, you can simply choose the platform from the dashboard for which you want to generate the ads. Proceed further by specifying the details of your product or service, and then cit will generate multiple variations of the ads that you can copy and use.


Copy.ai ad copy generator

Copy.ai is a popular AI tool and for ad generation using AI algorithms. It supports plenty of tools for generating Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn ads as well as headlines. However, it only generates either an ad description or a headline, one at a time. All you need is a free account, and then you can start using the websites to generate ads that will convert. For free, it offers you 10 runs per month, but initially, you will get 100 credits as sign up gift.

This website has AI ad generation tools such as general ad copy generator, Facebook ad headline, Google ad headline, Google ad description, Facebook ad description, and more. If your aim is to generate platform specific ad components, then Copy.ai has you all covered. Just create a free account on the main website and then start generating ads for free.

After creating a free account, you only need to create a project on the main Copy.ai website and then select any ad copy generation tool. For simplicity, you can start with the general ad copy generator. After that, you proceed and then simply enter the details that it asks you, such as brand/company name and a small description about the product along with the tone of the final text. Hit “Create Copy” button and it will generate different ad variations that you can use for your next campaigns.

Smart Ads by Unbounce

Smart Ads by Unbounce Free AI Based Ad Builder and Optimizer

Unbounce Ad Built

Smart Ads by Unbounce is a unique and amazing tool which you can use to generate ad copies on the fly, just like tools above. But the best part is that here it offers you a Canva like editor to design your ad graphic itself. So, not just only ad headline or description, but you can actually generate an entire ad with images.

Smart Ads editor comes with a support of stock photos and other elements such as icons. You can combine these elements to create an at active ad banner or popup and then use that in your campaigns. Basically, here this website offers you a whole package that you can use to generate attractive ads without any code.

If you have good designing skills, then you will like this Smart Ads platform by Unbounce. Just go to the editor and then start building your ad right there. It supports creating ads and social media posts for different platform, and the ready-made size templates are available to use in a click. You can read more about it in details here.

Right now, Smart Ads is in beta and no sign up is required for now. You just go to the main website and then start building your first ads. There is a “Generate Copy” section in the editor that will help you generate Facebook as well as Google Ads description for free. You just give it a product name or company name and describe it briefly. It will use these details to generate the ad copy that you can use anywhere.

Final thoughts:

If you are looking for AI based ad copy generator websites, then you are at the right place. Use these ad generator tools that I have mentioned here and get ad headline as well ad descriptions generated for you in a few clicks. I liked the fact that most of these websites are already optimized for generating ads for popularly known platforms such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. Personally, I will recommend you to use Simplified, Anyword, and Copy.ai. But other tools that I have mentioned other than these 3 are worth trying as well.

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