4 Free Websites for Online Typing Competition

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Here are 4 free websites for online typing competition.

These websites are handy for online typing competitions, to practice typing, and to compete with friends. So you will improve your typing speed as well as can check where you stand in the global level in terms of typing. You don’t need to create any account to join the typing competition. However, to save your score, and to check stats, you need to create a free account. There could be many factors that will affect and measure your typing speed, such as: mistakes, accuracy, time, and speed. You will be provided a paragraph or lines that you need to finish in the competitions.

Lets have a look at these typing practice and typing competition websites.


TypeRacer- interface

TypeRacer is one of the best typing competition website in this list and my favorite too. In this website, players are depicted as cars to start the competition. You can compete globally, start the practice session, and can also invite your friends to begin the competition. While competing with your friends, you can also chat with them which makes it more interesting. Real-time typing speed is measured in the competition. At the end of the game, you can check your score, speed, and accuracy. It also lets you view last ten scores and top 10 scores. However, free sign up is required to store your scores.

Apart from the competition, you can also check fastest typists, and latest high scores. So there are a lot more options to explore for you. This website is available in 50 languages.

You can check full review here.


typrX- interface

typrX is also an interesting typing competition website and provides similar features, like TypeRacer. You can practice typing alone and can join the race with other users. In this website, you can also join Ultimate Typing Championship contest to win prizes.

Apart from this, you can also create a private room where you can start the typing competition with only required people. However, you must sign up to create or join the private area. Your score is also saved only when you have created a free account.

Nitro Type

Nitro Type

Nitro Type is another worldwide and real-time typing competition website. It provides game like interface, which makes typing competition more entertaining. Competitors are represented via cars and you can compete with registered users as well as guests. When the game is finished, you will see the time taken by you to finish typing, speed, and accuracy.

Without sign up, you can play as guest, check scores of fastest racers, most active racers etc. However, if you sign up for free, then you could explore a lot of features of this website. You can earn money to buy new cars, switch between cars, can save your scores, and track your progress. You will also be able to play with friends after sign up.

Keyboard racing

Keyboard racing- interface

Keyboard racing is another interesting website in this list to practice typing and compete with others. This website also lets you create your own racing game for competition or join others’ game without any sign up. Moreover, just like Nitro Type website, you can have your own garage where you can store cars, switch cars, and more. As you finish games, you will earn points to win cars. However, you have to sign up to use these features. Moreover, a free account is also mandatory to store your typing stats, receive awards, and bonuses.


All these are great websites to compete online with friends or with other users in typing. These websites provide an entertaining platform where typing will be fun as well as improve day by day.

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