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If there’s one thing that rules the Internet, it’s undoubtedly memes. And unless you just woke up from a long cryosleep, you already know what it is. The web is abound with practically countless memes, centered around everything and everyone, be it animals, human beings, or even food. Memes come in a number of varieties, ranging from static images to the more popular animated GIF variants. Similarly, there are some memes that contain images, while others are completely text based. But what if you want to create your own text based meme and share it with all your pals?

Not a problem, as Slate will help you do that. It’s a simplistic online text meme generator service that does just that, letting you generate animated textual memes in no time. All you have to do is specify the text you want to be “memefied,” and Slate will handle the rest. You can configure things like font, background color, frame delay, and much more. The saved meme can be then saved as an animated GIF, or shared via a unique URL. Stoked? Let’s find out more.


How To Use This Free Online Text Meme Generator Service?

Step 1: Getting started with Slate is a walk in the park. There are no accounts, no signups, or anything of that sort required. All you need to do is head over to the homepage, and get to business. Here’s what Slate’s web UI looks like:

slate ui

Pretty simple, right? As illustrated above, Slate sports a ridiculously minimal UI. Essentially, there are just the different meme generator options listed, and these let you configure everything from the meme text and font, to frame delay and font height. To the right of the options is the real-time animated preview of your textual meme. Like I said, pretty simple!

Step 2: Well, this one’s really simple. To generate your meme, simply enter the text to be animated in the field marked Text. Similarly, you can configure the other options (e.g. background, text color) as well. Once you’re done creating the meme, click on the Get URL button to get the unique sharing link. You can also share the meme directly on popular social networks via sharing buttons, and save the meme as an animated GIF image. Here’s a screenshot:

slate in action

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Wrap Up

Memes are all over the web, from social networks to chain mails. And Slate lets you create your own textual memes and share them with others in a jiffy. Give it a shot, you’ll be addicted.

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