Edit PDF Online like Editing Docs While Preserving Structure for Free

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In this article, you will read about how you can edit PDF online like editing Docs while preserving the doc structure for Free.

Whenever we are preparing to send out a document, most of us usually prefer the PDF version of the document. It looks so much more composed and easy to share, not to mention the PDF version is lighter than the original document.

However, most of the times it happens that when we are preparing the document in PDF version and checking it for any mistake, every time there is one mistake or the other. There is never a time where you can have the full proof original document without any problem and turn it to PDF smoothly. However, instead of correcting those mistakes in the original document, correct the PDF document itself without damaging the structure of the document using Simpdf.

Edit PDF Online like Editing Docs While Preserving Structure for Free

Simpdf is an online free web application that helps in editing the PDF document without disturbing the structure of the document. In this web application, you can edit the text of the document just like editing the word document, in the exact font style and size. Let us see how.

First, visit the website here.

Then, you simply have to upload the document which you want to edit.

Edit PDF online

There are also instructions given on the website as to how you can make the editing text in bold and italics, using certain typing elements.

Edit PDF online by Simpdf

Editing the text in the PDF document is simple, just like in the MS word doc. Though, there is one exception; you won’t be able to insert the next line in the document as it will superimpose on the below-written line in the document.

When the changes are done, you can simply click in “Save & Download” to save the corrected document.

And for the next document, simply click on “Restart”.

There you have it, a simple and easy way to edit the PDF document for minor changes, just like the Microsoft Word Docs.

In brief

Simpdf is a quick web application that lets you edit the PDF on the go. Although it does not provide the full-fledged editing tools, you can make certain spelling changes here and there to make the PDF seamless.

For the concern that this web application cannot make sentence changes, you can edit the long bits of the document in the original file and just have the bits tampered in this simple web application. This website does not need any login or sign-up, to begin with.

You can try this web application here.

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