How to Filter Apps on Google Play Store Search Results by Ads

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This tutorial explains how to filter apps on Google Play Store search results by ads. If you want to filter apps with ads or in-app purchases from Google App Store search, then here I will 2 online websites which can help you that. Advanced Google Play Search and Really Free Apps are those 2 websites that pulls results from Google Play for a specific search term. And then you can filter the search result to have only ad free apps only.

If you ever wanted to filter out apps by ads, then unfortunately you can not do that. It is almost next to impossible but on the web, there are actually 2 websites which I have mentioned here that you can use. And not just ads, but using one of the websites here, you can also filter apps by category, Android version, in-app purchases, and more. There is no prior sign up or registration of any kind to use any of these websites.

2 Websites Filter Apps on Google Play Store Search Results by Ads:


PlaySearch in action

PlaySearch is one of the best free website that can help you filter apps on Google Play Sore by ads. This is an open source web app and if you want then you can self-host it. It takes a keyword or search query from you, and then it simply shows the most relevant results. It basically uses a Google Play scarper behind the scene and lists all the apps from Google app store.

After it lists all the apps, you can see the filters that it has to offer at the bottom side. You can apply any filter you want and since we are taking about filtering apps by ads, you can choose “Ad-Free” filter. Also, not only ad free but if you want a totally free app that doesn’t have a premium version underneath, then you can also filter the results by in-app purchases.

You can reach this website from above link. Or, if you are keen to install it on your site, then you can access its source here. On the main website, there is a search box and you can enter a query based on the kind of apps you are looking for. It will take a few seconds to show you the complete results and when it does that, you can just filter the list to only have ad free ads by selecting a filter from the bottom side.

This is how this website works. It generates multiple results which can be also be filtered. One of the best parts is that for any app that it shows in the list, it shows you links to multiple websites to download it. Apart from Google Play, it gives you link to Apkpure, F-Droid, Aptoide.


ReallyFreeApps to Filter apps by ads on Play Store

ReallyFreeApps is another free website that you can use to get ad -free apps. But unlike other websites, it doesn’t pull data from Play Store really. But what it has a collection of free apps that have been submitted to it from Play Store. In addition, it also offers you a search tool which you can use to find free apps directly from Google Play store. All the apps and games that it shows are not hosted by itself. To download those apps, you will have to follow the store link that it gives there.

There is no sign up or login process in order to use this website. You just reach the main homepage of the website and then simply start searching for the apps. You can see all the apps that it has to offer and you can simply install them. The best part is that all the apps are here ad free so you don’t have to worry about that. There is a app search that you can use to find a specific app in the listed database. Use the Install link to follow the app store URL to get the app.

Apart from the app search, there is a Play Store search as well. You can go to the “Suggest an app” section and then from there you can make search to list apps from the Play Store. Use this option if you can’t find an app in the current database. It will take a few minutes and will show you the ad free apps from Play Store matching closely with the search term.

Final thoughts:

These are the 2 best free websites which you can use to find free apps from Google App Store for Android. Both the websites are great and you just have to make a simple search to find the app you are looking for. In my opinion, PlaySearch is the best website to download ad free apps. But you can use the other one as well in case if it doesn’t work for some reasons.

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