How to Download Manga from Command Line

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This tutorial explains how to download Manga from Command line. I have taken the help of a very simple tool, named “Comic-dl” for this. This tool lets you download all the pages of a particular chapter available under a specific volume of Manga by executing a simple command. This tool currently supports 3 different websites to fetch Manga and save to PC: Mangafox, YoManga, and GoManga. You need to give the input link of Manga and execute the command. It automatically fetches pages and saves them as JPG images.

The tool also works intelligently. That means, if some error occurs in between the downloading process and you re-initiate the process, then it automatically skips already downloaded images and starts the download from the rest of the pages.

download manga from command line

The screenshot above shows the list of chapters of a particular Manga and pages of a particular chapter.

Note: You can also execute the command to download all the chapters of a particular volume. However, during my testing, when I tried to do the same, I got an error “the connected host has failed to response” multiple times in between the download process. As a result, I had to execute the command again and again. It’s not good when a volume has a lot of chapters and under each chapter, there are 20-30 pages. So, I suggest you download one chapter at a time.

How to Download Manga from Command Line:

Step 1: Click on this link to open the homepage of this tool. From the homepage, you can download the setup.

Step 2: After installation, you need to drop ‘comic-dl‘ application file to Command Prompt window. After that, you need to enter the input link. You command would be: “comic-dl.exe -i mangaurl“.

enter the command and execute

Now you need to wait. Downloading process will start and one by one all the images will be downloaded.

manga chapter downloaded

Currently, the tool doesn’t support output location argument. So, the images are downloaded in a folder (the folder is named automatically with the chapter name) at the same location from where you run this tool.

If you prefer software over command line tool, then you may also try any of these 5 free Manga downloader software covered by us.

The Verdict:

This is quite an easy and simple option to grab Manga from the web and save to PC. However, it should support some other Manga websites also, so that it can be more useful to us. Other than this, it is a good tool. Just execute the command and any of your favorite chapter of a particular Manga will be downloaded.

Get this tool.

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