How to Decide Font and Color of Logo Online

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This tutorial is all about how to decide font and color of logo online. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to easily decide which font and color will be ideal for your business logo design. This can actually be done using a free website called “Logomak“. While using this website, you will be able to choose a category and tags for your business and then it will automatically suggest you the ideal main color, color schemes and fonts for the logo. You can use that information in any online logo maker to create a fantastic looking logo. Apart from that, it will also show logos of other companies in the same category to help you get an idea of your own logo design.

Selecting an ideal font and color for logo is one of the crucial parameters which you need to keep in mind while designing a logo. But, the unlimited fonts and color combinations can make it very difficult to choose a perfect color theme and font that meets your requirements. So, this website helps in easing this problem and easily decide font and color of your logo.

How to Decide Font and Color of Logo Online:

To get started, browse the homepage of “Logomak” and there you will see a drop-down menu using which you can select the category of your business. There are more than 20 categories such as Oil & Energy, Foods & Drinks, IT, Production, Airlines, Medicine, Sport, and more from which you can choose any category you want.

Apart from letting you select the category, this website will also allow you to select different tags (three at a time) that describe your business. Selecting tags will help this website properly understand about your business and give an ideal suggestion for color and font of the logo. You can select different predefined tags like Elegance, Durability, Optimism, Fun, Energy, Aggression, etc.

After that, simply click on the “Let’s Start” button on the homepage. As soon as you do that, the website will process the information and display the best main colors, color schemes, and fonts which are ideal for your business logo.

Main Color of Logo:

The main colors are the colors which are most suitable for a logo and also describe your business. It will generate three different main colors (with hex codes) depending on your category and tags selection.

Color Schemes:

The colors schemes are actually a combination of multiple colors similar to color palettes which are generated by taking the main colors into account. It will generate multiple color schemes with hex codes of individual colors. The color schemes can come in handy if you want to use multiple colors on your logo.


The fonts section will display some of the best text fonts which you can add to your logo to meet your business requirement. On this section, you will also see an input field where you can enter your business name and see the real-time preview of the fonts.

You can use any of these colors and fonts to design and create your own business logo. It also allows you to choose a color scheme and font and then save the selection online. You can then use the unique URL to see the logo components later or share with others.

Apart from that, it will also show logos of different companies of the same category which you have selected. This can help you get an idea on how to design your logo.

Closing Words:

Logomak makes it very easy for you to decide a color and font of your business logo. All you need is to select a category and tags for your business, and the rest is done by this website automatically. The color hex codes and font names also make it pretty convenient for you to decide and choose a color and font for your logo. Go ahead and give it a try.

Try “Logomak” from here.

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