Free Coding Platform for Teams with Issue tracking, Git, Kanban Board

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Codegiant is a free coding platform for teams with issue tracking, Git, Kanban board and other features. It is like any Git platform for hosting projects and repositories. But the difference here is that it is team oriented and all the projects are private. In the free plan, it allows you to create a team of 5 and then you can start creating projects and repositories. And there are some other nice options in it that you will like. Just like GitHub and other similar alternatives, it offers issue tracking, hosted documentation pages and a visual Kanban Board. The Kanban board helps you track the status of the software project development.

So many people use other coding platforms like GitHub, GitLab, etc., and now the Codegiant is another option in the list. However, here only the private projects are allowed. Also, if you want to make a branch protected, then you can do that. You can manage all your repositories and projects using the Git Cli and it has included a very detailed information about how to do that. So, if you are a beginner to Git, then you will easily understand the basic commands to push changes, merging branches, etc.

Free Coding Platform for Teams with Issue tracking, Git, Kanban Board

Using this Free Coding Platform for Teams with Issue Tracking, Git, Kanban Board:

Codegiant is best suited for small teams and with similar features like GitHub. If you have big team size, then you can choose any paid plan as well if you wish to. In the free plan, you will get most of the paid features. And the best feature is that you will get a Kanban board which will help you track the various phases of the software development. You can either use the online version of Codegiant or you can use the CLI for managing the code. Or, you can use the dedicated desktop version of Codebase as well which is available for Linux, MAC, and Windows.

To use Codegiant, first, you will have to create an account and then verify your email address. After that, you will see the main interface of this coding platform. So, simply proceed by creating a project. The options to explore the repositories and other parts of this platform are on the left sidebar. Also, the interface of Codegiant will be the same on online version as well as on the desktop version.

Codegiant projects

There is a Kanban board associated to every project you create in Codegiant. As you open a project, first thing you will see is the status of the project on a board. You can change that according to the development cycle. See the below screenshot of the project dashboard.

Codegiant kanban

After creating a project, the next step is to create repositories and manage them. And in Codegiant, you can do that very easily. Create a repository by giving it a name and then start adding files. To add files, you can either use the Git command line or you can simply upload files from your PC to your repository. But do note that, if you want to manage the repositories via Git CLI, then you will have to first add SSH keys to access your Codegiant account. Use the Settings section for that.

Codegiant repositories

When you have created projects and repositories, you can now start tracking the issues. There is a notification center in it that you can use to see all the notifications on your projects and repositories. Also, you can see all the activities that you have performed in your projects.

Codegiant activity

In this way, you can use this free coding platform to host your private projects and repositories. Most of the features are same as you get in other coding platforms. This is a good option if you want a dedicated and team oriented coding platform and an alternative to GitHub.

Closing thoughts:

Codegiant is a free and very nice coding platform that you can try. It is cheaper than GitHub and free for small teams. If you have tried a coding platform before then you will easily understand it. The features are almost same and you will not feel any difficulty in using it. So, if you want to try this Git based coding platform then you are good to go.

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